FreshSX: Aitor Crash and Leo Mack

Category : FreshXS

Aitor is a hot and sexy ‘dad’ from Spain whose admiration for younger guys is obvious. Leo on the other hand is as cute as they come and has pin up boy good looks. He is only 20 years old from England and loves older, dominant guys. Aitor took a strong lead right from the start, slapping Leo’s face, spitting in his mouth and making it clear he was boss. Aitor gets Leo’s head in a tight grip lock while pulling Leo’s tight jeans down and spitting and slapping his ass. In this video from FreshSX: Dads Fuck Lads series ,Aitor quickly drops his shorts producing a rock hard cock which he forces into Leo’s mouth. He pulls Leo hard onto his dick making Leo gag but still wanting more. Aitor fingers Leo’s ass pulling his cheeks wide apart while slapping Leo’s now red raw ass. Leo sucks Aitor’s dick as deep as he can before Aitor starts slapping his cock hard against Leo’s face. Aitor stands above Leo running his hands through his hair while at the same time fucking his face.

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FreshSX: Fran K. and Dillon Brooks

Category : FreshXS

In this scene from the FreshSX: Suited to Fuck series, we meet Dillon at the club dressed in a suit from work. He explains he likes being in control and how the suit gives him that power to dominate. Next we see Dillon with Fran in one of the cruising areas of the club, Dillon is sitting down, Fran kneeling on the floor worshipping his shoes, first polishing them with a cloth and then licking them clean with his tongue. Fran opens Dillon’s shirt and licks his chest while other guys hang around watching the action. Fran gets out Dillon’s cock – it is rock hard already and a nice thick 9” one. Dillon grabs Fran’s head and pulls him down onto his cock forcing him to deep throat every last inch. Fran strips leaving just his tie on and starts to thrust his ass down on Dillon working that huge cock deep inside him. They move up so that Dillon is now standing over Fran and takes full control of fucking his tight young ass. Fran lays down on the couch and they fuck harder, Fran lifting his whole body so he can thrust even faster and deeper up and down on Dillon’s monster. As Fran pushes even deeper he can hold no more and spurts his creamy load over his ripped six-pack. Dillon pulls out and shoots over Fran spraying his body and face with cum, Fran trying to catch some of it in his mouth.

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FreshSX: Justin Harris and JP Dubois

Category : FreshXS

In this scene from the FreshSX: Sports Lads Fuck series, JP and Justin are back from playing basketball throwing the ball around outside the changing room. Once inside they are alone and they play some more before JP comes closer and they start to make out, kissing at first very passionately. Justin bends down in front of JP and takes out his hard cock and starts to suck him off. Next Justin takes out his cock and JP dives onto it with his mouth before turning him round and starting to rim him. They move on to the bench so JP can sit down with Justin standing in front with JP deep throating his hard cock. With JP sitting on the bench Justin sits down on top of his cock bouncing up and down enjoying every inch. Justin turns round and the two kiss while Justin rides his great dick. Justin stands and JP enters from behind beginning to fuck Justin harder now and slapping his ass too. As the two really rough it up Justin lays face up on the bench and JP pounds him hard enough to make him shoot his load. JP pulls out and shoots loads of creamy jizz over Justin.

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FreshSX: Kawan Silveira and Luke Desmond

Category : FreshXS

In Luke’s interview he says his biggest turn on is having sex in the toilets and he really likes being blindfolded with a tie or wanking off with a tie. So, in this scene from the FreshSX: Suited to Fucks series, Kawan passes Luke while he is chatting in one of the corridors of the club and gives him the eye. Luke follows and they make out in one of the cruising areas of the club, Kawan licking and sniffing Luke’s tie and rubbing it on his ripped body. Kawan unzips his pants, takes out his cock and Luke wraps his tie round and wanks him off before diving on down to suck him off. Luke sits down and Kawan gets out his cock and starts sucking him off. Luke has a meaty thick cock and Kawan gets to work on deep throating him. Kawan bends over so they can 69. They stand up, Luke takes off his jacket so Kawan can undress him. Kawan lays down on the couch and Luke sits down on top of his rock hard cock thrusting up and down to get every last inch inside him. Luke moves forward so they can fuck doggy style, Kawan using Luke’s tie as a blindfold and as reins, pulling himself deeper and deeper onto his cock while in total control. Kawan sits down and Luke rides him again before Luke lays down and Kawan fucks him till he shoots a huge load of white cum over his ripped stomach. Kawan pulls out and jacks off over Luke.

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