Hard Brit Lads: Jake Lewis and Scott Hunter

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Beefy hung muscle daddy Jake Lewis and big muscle power bottom Scott Hunter have an intense, sweaty session in this seriously hot scene from Hard Brit Lads. As Scott’s throat and muscled butt both get fucked deep and hard by Jakes thick uncut meat, ending in a sensational cum facial.

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Videoboys: Jake Bass and Justin LeBeau

Category : Videoboys

When Justin and Jake first got together on the Videoboys set the atmosphere was very low key with casual conversation and little to indicate the kind of explosion that was about to happen. Seems both models were doing their best not to betray the kind of excitement they were feeling about the duo. After a few preliminary shots, the cameraman asked for a kiss. The reaction wasn’t chemical, it was nuclear. The two of them just latched on to each other with such reckless abandon that the camera crew could do nothing more than try to keep up with what was going on. All sense of control was gone. Jake is not normally the kind of guy that likes to bottom but for Justin he was ready to go all the way. Together they went all the way and much further.

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ChaosMen: Ezekiel and Hayden

Category : ChaosMen

Ezekiel told ChaosMen that he would be down for fucking a dude, but that he wasn’t ready to suck on dick yet. But, as Hayden enjoys getting fucked, and he never takes it personally that another str8 dude won’t suck him back. Hayden takes control of the situation, and gobble down Ezekiels’s dick and sucks on it until it is nice and hard then he moves up to ride Ezekiel’s dick. The guys are a little wobbly to start with but they both quickly get their rhythm and we see some awesome penetration. Ezekiel is a little guy but his uncut cock can grow to a solid 7-8 inches.

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ChaosMen: Micah and Ransom

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen have always thought Micah and Ransom would look great together, kind of military guy type of theme. Ransom has recently been doing a lot of Serviced vids and was eager to get fucked for a change. But Micah was struggling to wake his dick up, and Ransom’s was at full attention. So Ransom takes charge. Not that it matters much to Micah. He enjoys getting fucked … as long as he can keep a hand in place to stop the guy from going too deep.

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