Videoboys: Seth Knight and Justin Lebeau

Category : Videoboys

Seth Knight, arguably the most exciting twink porn stars to come out of the USA in years, was visiting Montreal for a few days and so Videoboys wanted to make sure he got the full experience of the place. So of course they made sure he saw the sights, tried some great French food, and went to some of Montreal’s famous gay strip clubs. And even though Seth knows all about how sex is done in the Southern United States, everyone wanted to make sure that he went home knowing all about love French Canadian style … so they recruited one of their most skilled and attentive fuckers, Justin Lebeau. Justin is pure Quebecois right down to the fleur-de-lis tattoo on his calf, and when he fucks, he gives it everything he’s got. Priority one is pleasing his partner. Getting Seth off is what gets Justin off.

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BelAmiOnline: Dolph and Mick and Alex: Pt 2

Category : BelAmiOnline

Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell and Alex Waters really hit it off during their recent scene. The boys hit it off so much so that they were ready for more action, this time with Mick as the bottom for both Dolph and Alex! Watch as they fuck Mick’s hole wide open with their big dicks and then cum on his face … and BelAmiOnline captured all the action!

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BelAmiOnline: Dolph and Mick and Alex: Pt 1

Category : BelAmiOnline

Dolph Lambert, Mick Lovell and Alex Waters took a day for some fun at a water park and the boys frolicked all day long. Upon returning home, the frolicking turned into all out fun. BelAmiOnline were there to capture the action as Dolph and Mick began to play with one another and then Alex jumped in too! Dolph was more than happy to please both hung American studs until they shot huge loads all over his face.

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Cocksure Men: Tyler Saint and Scott Campbell

Category : Cocksure Men

Scott Campbell has had a rough day and his feet are killing him. Tyler Saint offers up a foot massage to help Scott relax and unwind … and the Cocksure Men cameras are there to capture the action!. No sooner than Tyler is rubbing Scott’s feet … Scott is already rubbing his cock through his jeans. Tyler sees this and decides maybe it’s not Scott’s feet that need attention after all. With Tyler’s mouth wrapped firmly around Scott’s pole, Scott’s day is looking a lot better already. Scott aggressively eats Tyler’s tasty hole. He can’t get enough of that sweet ass and decides it’s time to fuck it. Tyler grits his teeth as Scott fucks his bubble butt. Tyler wants to make sure Scott’s ass gets the attention it deserves too and so he slides his THICK dick deep inside. Scott moans with pleasure as Tyler gives it to him hard and fast from behind. Scott flips over and stokes his cock until he cums on his hairy belly while still getting fucked by Tyler. To polish off Scott’s evening treat, Tyler gives him a mouthful of his warm cum. Then they kiss, snowballing Tyler’s jiz.

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