Hard Brit Lads: Jason and Fraser

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads brings us the cute footballer Fraser and a hung chav lad named Jason for some hot and horny sex in a rough council flat. The guys get hard in their trackies and take turns sucking each other in diff positions, then Jason fucks Fraser against the wall and on his back, making him shoot his load, and before he himself takes a hot cum facial!

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Dominic Ford: Ayden Marx and Rylan Shaw: Boyfriends

Category : Dominic Ford

The Dominic Ford “Boyfriend” series returns this week with stud Ayden Marx and his 10-inch dick boyfriend, Rylan Shaw. These two are passionate, aggressive and clearly keep their relationship alive and fresh with amazing sex!

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Sean Cody: Brandon and Pavel: Pt 2

Category : Sean Cody

There’s always something spectacular about two big muscle guys getting together. A meeting of the titans! “Wow, you’re looking bigger every time I see you!” Sean Cody said to Brandon. He giggled and blushed. It’s sweet how shy he can be sometimes. He and Pavel had been horsing around. Pavel was showing Brandon his hairy ass … “You’re going to be fucking that in a minute!” Pavel joked. “Have you ever fucked an ass that hairy?” Sean asked. Brandon laughed. “No I don’t think so.” Pavel’s dick was hard long before Brandon started fucking him. Pavel was definitely looking forward to this!

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Hard Brit Lads: Jordan and Darius

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Aggressive power-top, Jordan Fox with his massively thick beefy cock, pushes stunning young twink Darius to his limits in this intense, incredible scene from Hard Brit Lads. Jordan fucks Darius’s throat and arse as hard as he can, but Darius manages to take it all, and loves it.

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