Videoboys: Axel Ducharme and Dominic Couture: Carpe Diem

Category : Videoboys

“Carpe Diem” says the tattoo on Axel Ducharme’s hand … Seize the Day! And that’s exactly what he did. Axel is straight … well, most of his sex is with girls, but he’s done some experimenting with guys and seems to be at least a bit curious. What would you call that? Montreal straight? Well anyway, this scene with Dominic Couture, and filmed by Videoboys, was Axel’s chance to explore a bit more of that gay side and he wasn’t about to let it pass without trying everything he could think of just to know if it felt good … nice flip flop fuck!

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French Lads: Matt Surfer and Paolo Novoa: Too Hot For A Suit

Category : French Lads

Favourite French Lads corporate fucker, Matt Surfer, is back for another round of business suit fucking … this time with the hunky Paolo Novoa. The sun blasting down on the balcony soon has these two men out of their gear and wanking hard in nothing but their ties!

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Ian Levine and Parker Demian

Category : Hot Dads Hot Lads

Cute lad Ian Levine makes out with hung muscle daddy Parker Demian in this hot scene from Hot Dads Hot Lads. They grab at each other’s protruding hard-ons and kiss aggressively. The underwear comes off and Ian sucks Parker’s long hard pecker. Ian struggles to fit the huge cock in his mouth. He kisses Parker and fingers his hole, eager to get in there. Parker deep throats Ian, sucking his cock all the way to his balls. Ian continues to toy with Parker’s hole as he gets sucked. Then Parker eats Ian’s juicy arse and Ian moans with each lick. They switch around and Ian devours Parker’s sweet hole. He slaps his meat against Parker’s greedy arse cheeks before sliding in with ease. The fit young lad pounds the older Parker long and hard!

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Falcon Studios: Joey Cooper and Liam Magnuson

Category : Falcon Studios

Smooth brunette and Falcon Studios star Joey Cooper demands relief, and he spells it … F-U-C-K-M-E … his face is deeply buried in the crevice formed by Liam Magnuson’s buns and his left arm snakes around to jack Liam’s rock hard cock. Joey gets a kiss for his efforts, then Liam turns, for Joey to service his front. Liam is a broad-shouldered blond with a dusting of hair on his chest and closely trimmed pubes and, for a moment, he’s content to experience having Joey’s throat constrict around the head of his cock. But it’s not long before Joey signals that his willing hole is ready and Liam is quick to drill Joey’s backside … hot fuck!

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