Hard Brit Lads: Bradley Cox and Ryan Young

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Hot top Bradley Cox was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time on camera at Hard Brit Lads this week … but he really had a thing for Ryan Young, who is strictly “Active Only”. But, luckily for us, after a lot of thought, this hot “Top” decided to become “Versatile” and went for it! Watch as Bradley and Ryan take turns sucking each other’s cock, then Ryan starts to finger Bradley’s very tight hole until it is nice and moist … at which point he gently inserts his hard cock into Bradley’s virgin hole! … Check it out, it’s really is “Hot Stuff”!

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Brad Kalvo and Ian Levine

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Scruffy muscle dad Brad Kalvo is in his hotel room reading when smooth, muscled lad and Hot Dads Hot Lads model-cum-housekeeper Ian Levine shows up with fresh towels. Brad asks the lad to massage his sore legs and Ian happily obliges. Things heat up quickly and it’s not long before dad and lad are making out. They stand and kiss as Brad undresses Ian. He goes down on Ian and deep throats his cock. Ian then blows Brad and slobs on his cock. They kiss on the couch and Brad turns the lad around to rim his sweet hole. Then Brad penetrates Ian with his daddy dick as they fuck doggy-style on the couch.

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Videoboys: Dominic Couture and Tyler Rivers: Young Love Revisited

Category : Videoboys

Dominic and Tyler met years ago at high school, but inexperience and shyness meant that although the slightly older Dominic fucked Tyler once or twice, young Tyler never returned the favour at the time … but when they met by chance recently at a club they were both anxious to get back together to see how sex could be now that they were more experienced and both men of the world. Both guys have learned a few tricks in their time and in this hot scene from Videoboys Dominic put his oral skills to use right away and Tyler proved to be an enthusiastic rimmer. And this time around Tyler got a chance to take his revenge on Dominic for taking his virginity by pounding Dominic hard right off the bat. But it wasn’t long before Tyler felt the urge to re-try Dominic’s big dick and so he sat down on it and rode it like never before.

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