Videoboys: Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone: Flip Fuck

Before they arrived for this Videoboys shoot, Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone were complete strangers. They’d never met each other, never talked online, never even seen pictures of each other. So when they arrived, there was no small talk, the crew just started taking pictures. Throughout the entire procedure they remained quiet and aloof, like two strangers might do when standing in an elevator. Frankly, everyone behind the scenes was a bit worried that there might be no chemistry between these two … but then, the action started, there was such an explosion of hormones, grunting and sweating … no-one knew what had come over them! Without a word of encouragement or even a wink or a nod to each other, they each rushed in, locked lips and started feeling each other all over. They started pulling off each other’s clothes like it was an emergency and then sucking each other’s cocks with surprising intensity. Samuel quickly moved down to Liam’s ass and started eating him like a piggy at the trough. Liam was ready to be fucked … and it just got better and better, and ended in a super-hot flip flop fuck!

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Hard Brit Lads: Ross Drake and James Lewis

A very passionate scene here from Hard Brit Lads, with handsome, ripped footballer Ross Drake fucking the cute young twinky lad James Lewis. The guys kiss and grope each other’s bulges on the sofa before taking off their tops. Both lads have great six packs. Pulling off their shorts, they take turns licking each other nipples whilst massaging their bulging dicks, which are straining against their white undies. James lays on his side to give Ross a good sucking – his dick is thick and rock solid, and James slowly goes deep, sucking right to the base, then Ross pumps his mouth a bit.. They switch, and Ross sucks James now, his cock is pretty big. Then James lays on his back and Ross pulls his butt cheeks wide apart and then gives his tight hole a good rimming, plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in to open him up, whilst sucking on the end of his stiff dick. Super hot. With both lads eager to fuck, Ross lays back and James lowers himself down Ross’s fat fuck pole, riding it slowly, then Ross grips his arse and thrusts into him …

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Videoboys: Shane Parker and Tyler Rivers: Anticipation

Shane Parker and Tyler Rivers have been potential fuck friends for weeks now but the fates have kept conspiring against them. They met online and started with some ambiguous flirting. On more than one occasion they’ve met at clubs and continued the mating ritual, but each time one or the other had a commitment and couldn’t get away for sex. The one night when they did make it back to Shane’s apartment, they were both so drunk that they collapsed on the bed and passed out! So Videoboys took advantage of the situation and let them finally realize their destiny … no more anticipation … finally, together, on film … check it out!

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