Hard Brit Lads: Liam Burlington and Ross Drake

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads have brought us an interesting one here … the tall, dark and handsome young straight lad Liam Burlington getting a very hot servicing from eager, ripped young footballer, Ross Drake. The guys start off in their sports kit; they indulge in a bit of mutual bulge groping, and then take off their tops and shorts, revealing their smooth, ripped athletic bodies. Getting down onto his knees, Ross pulls out Liam’s cock … it is big and uncut, with nice foreskin, and thick too, hanging heavy, not quite semi. Ross starts to suck gently on the head, and it quickly swells in his mouth, getting bigger and thicker till its rock solid, veins bulging. Then Ross lies on his back, holding his legs back, as Liam works on his tight hole … he rubs spit into it, then pushes his finger in. Eager to get his big dick inside, Liam fucks Ross against the sofa first, slow at first, then building up fucking him deeper and harder … and the guys end up with Liam giving Ross a hot cum facial!

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Drill My Hole: Jimmy Fanz and Paul Canon: Mormon Undercover: Part 3

Category : Drill My Hole

Paul Cannon thinks he hits the jackpot and is finally going to get an actual Mormon between the sheets, but to his dismay he isn’t the only undercover Mormon in town. The handsome and sexy Drill My Hole model and pseudo-Mormon Jimmy Fanz, has been doing this for years, and after Paul finds this out he suggests teaming up, but Jimmy has to make sure he is good at the game first. Jimmy fucks Paul’s hot arse showing him everything he’s got.

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Dylan Lucas: Lucas Knight and Andy Banks: My New Brother

Category : Dylan Lucas

Lucas and Andy’s gay dads were about to get married. The guys had never spent too much time together, but considering they were about to become step-brothers, they decided to get to know each other better and go shopping for a wedding gift together. Turned out, they really got along great, and they shared a lot of interests – base jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving … they even had the same sense of humour. It really felt like they could have been brothers all their lives. Once they got home they were planning on hanging out in their sweats like a couple of bros would naturally do. But things got weird when Andy walked in on Lucas still changing … and luckily the Dylan Lucas camera crew were there to film what happened … check it out below!

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