Drill My Hole: Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch: Thirst: Part 3

Category : Drill My Hole

In the continuing series from Drill My Hole, Pierre Fitch is tasked with preparing Jimmy Fanz for his new life and that means stuffing his fat cock down his throat, and then fucking his bouncy butt while he screams in ecstasy. Jimmy is rock hard as he rides Pierre’s big dick, and then Pierre flips his sweet arse around and demands that Jimmy fuck him hard in return!

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Hard Brit Lads: Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome young lads with awesome, fit bodies and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They really look great together in this scene from Hard Brit Lads. After some kissing and licking each other’s nipples, they take turns sucking each other’s hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it! He does some great deep-throating, taking Luke’s thick uncut dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Luke’s trimmed pubes! Jack is older than Luke, but it is Luke that gets to fuck today, and he fucks Jack in 3 hot positions, up against the wall; then Jack rides it really well, rock solid as he slides up and down it; before laying on his back to get fucked deep, till he can’t hold back any longer and he shoots a really good load.

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Boys Nation: Axel and Jacob

Category : Boys Nation

In this scene from Boys Nation, Axel is chillin’ at home, waiting for his girlfriend to get home, when suddenly her brother Jacob shows up at the door. Jacob obviously thinks Axel is hot, but he’s a little nervous about meeting his sister’s boyfriend for the first time. Thankfully, Axel leads him into a discussion of sex and the gay Jacob is soon on his knees sucking the bisexual Axel’s mighty dick. Axel fucks him, too, and then shoots his cum load all over his face!

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Hard Brit Lads: Carl Ross and Harley James

Category : Hard Brit Lads

When a boyish young lad (Harley James) finds a quiet spot in the woods to wank over a porn mag, he gets more than he expected … like a big rugby bloke (Carl Ross) out jogging, who himself also stops for a breather and a quick wank! The young lad sees him and watches him wanking whilst playing with himself until the rugby bloke spots him too. The older man’s none too pleased about being perved over so he confronts the lad and gets him on his knees to suck the rugby bloke’s huge thick cock before getting a serious fucking against a tree. Then it’s even more fucking, down in the dirt! Guess the horned up, pervy lad was asking for it and the Hard Brit Lads crew were there too … hidden behind another tree and managed to film it all!

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