Drill My Hole: Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles

Category : Drill My Hole

Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles are hoping to be the next Men Exclusive model and they’re eager to show the Drill My Hole film crew and Members what they have to offer. See these studs have passionate, hot sex until they shoot their loads all over each other!

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Next Door Ebony: Bam Bam and XL

Category : Next Door Ebony

Men like these only come come together like this occasionally. It’s a unique, sensuous experience for each of them, and is regarded appropriately as a spiritual encounter. Next Door Ebony got XL and Bam Bam together for this rich and beautiful hook up. They begin with some smooth kissing, and as they’re only wearing underwear, it’s easy to see that they are both turned on and both are sporting massive, throbbing cock bulges. XL goes to his knees and pulls Bam Bam’s underwear down, uncaging his lover’s thick erection. XL wraps his soft lips around the hard cock and looks up at Bam Bam’s eyes. Then Bam Bam goes down for not only a taste of XL’s large dick, but also of his tight hole. Licking and sucking, he prepares XL’s arse for what’s to cum. They fuck while XL is on his back, then XL flips onto his belly to let Bam Bam really pound him good. After some nice, solid banging, Bam Bam offers his own arse to XL and the circle is complete!

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UK Naked Men: Josh Charteris and Kayden Gray

Category : UK Naked Men

Josh Charteris is surprised, but certainly not unhappy, to see his regular workmate has been replaced … as the replacement is the handsome, toned Kayden Gray, who has the most beautiful cock he’s ever seen! Kayden’s been sent by UK Naked Men, because he’s the best at what he does and he’s sure to keep Josh very happy. Josh’s thick, uncut cock pushes into Kayden’s downey arse up to the hilt, each thrust making Kayden’s cock bounce off his tight abs and the pre-cum ooze over them!

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GodsOfMen: Colby Keller and Alex Mecum: Perfect Match

Category : Gods Of Men

There is no denying that Colby Keller and Alex Mecum are a perfect match … and in this hot scene from Gods Of Men, Colby knows just how to fuck Alex to make him cum a huge load while his tight arsehole is still being drilled, and then he shoots a nice big load of his own!

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