Next Door Ebony: Bam Bam and XL

Category : Next Door Ebony

Men like these only come come together like this occasionally. It’s a unique, sensuous experience for each of them, and is regarded appropriately as a spiritual encounter. Next Door Ebony got XL and Bam Bam together for this rich and beautiful hook up. They begin with some smooth kissing, and as they’re only wearing underwear, it’s easy to see that they are both turned on and both are sporting massive, throbbing cock bulges. XL goes to his knees and pulls Bam Bam’s underwear down, uncaging his lover’s thick erection. XL wraps his soft lips around the hard cock and looks up at Bam Bam’s eyes. Then Bam Bam goes down for not only a taste of XL’s large dick, but also of his tight hole. Licking and sucking, he prepares XL’s arse for what’s to cum. They fuck while XL is on his back, then XL flips onto his belly to let Bam Bam really pound him good. After some nice, solid banging, Bam Bam offers his own arse to XL and the circle is complete!

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Alpha Males: Logan Moore and Kayden Gray

Category : Alpha Males

When the handsome, masculine stud, and Alpha Males model, Logan Moore shows up at Kayden Gray’s workshop, Kayden is initially not too happy, thinking his work is being taken from him. But when Logan explains he’s here not to work, but to play, Kayden’s famous uncut bulge grows instantly and twitches obviously in his overalls. Kayden may have work piling up, but there’s always time for a hot fuck in the workshop, and Logan is just too damn hot to pass up!

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Men of UK: Dan Broughton and McKensie Cross: Disconnected: Pt 2

Category : Men of UK

McKensie Cross has found himself caught up in the world of male webcam modelling. Dan Broughton is the dirty agent who needs to make sure the models are up to standard. This action is from the Men of UK site and is a flip flop fuck between Dan and McKensie and ends with a hot 69 session where both guys release their cum loads over each other’s faces!

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Drill My Hole: Jimmy Fanz and Pierre Fitch and Damien Crosse and Abraham Al Malek and Dominique Hansson: Thirst: Part 4

Category : Drill My Hole

In the continuing series from Drill My Hole, Damien Crosse orchestrates this late night vampire fuck session – cum orgy. Abraham Al Malek takes Pierre Fitch’s huge cock down his throat while Jimmy Fanz lets his cock loose on Dominique Hansson’s hot arse. Watch as Damien sucks the hot cum clean from all of these hot men before blowing a load of his own!

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