Drill My Hole: Vadim Black and Will Braun and Bennett Anthony: My Thieving Roommate

Bennett Anthony has fallen for Drill My Hole model Vadim Black, but his roommate, Will Braun, naturally also wants a piece of Vadim’s sexy arse. Bennett steps out for a few minutes, which allows Will the opportunity to suck on Vadim’s uncut cock. Bennett soon returns, and isn’t at all happy when he walks in on the two of them engaging in hot oral sex … but he soon realizes that they might all enjoy a third cock being thrown into the mix.

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Bulldog Pit: Steven Prior and Kayden Gray and Nathan Gear: Monster Double Cock Fuck

Keeping the party going at his place, Bulldog Pit model Steven Prior hooks up with clubbers Nathan Gear and Kayden Gray and they are soon on a dick size contest! All three buff young studs have massive dicks, but skinny young Steven wins the round by a good few inches … in length and girth! Much to the delight of big bottom boy Nathan, he’s got his wish of two giant dicks out on his sofa, both hard and both eager for action … and amazingly both fit inside his tiny arsehole at the same time … check it out!

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