Men of UK: Paddy O’Brian and Wagner Vittoria: Voyeur: Pt 3

Category : Men of UK

It’s no wonder Men of UK star Paddy O’Brian is being secretly watched and recorded with so many hot hook-ups! This time Paddy is pounding the amazing bubble butt of Wagner Vittoria. With the help of Leo Domenico, Paddy is soon to discover the identity of his voyeur!

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Mormon Boyz: Elder Kensington and Elder Miller: Companionship Inventory

Category : Mormon Boyz

Elder Kensington has been thinking of ways he might get into fellow Mormon Boyz hottie Elder Miller’s pants. Recently, while the two missionaries were at the ward mission leader’s house, Elder Kensington noticed that Elder Miller was sporting wood … a boner the Elder was also desperately trying to hide! After seeing this, Elder Kensington decided that it was time for a “Companionship Inventory” … this is a way missionaries can resolve differences or get things off their chests. As soon as they got home, Elder Kensington brought up the boner issue … but it wasn’t Elder Miller’s boner he was referring to … in order to get Elder Miller to open up, Elder Kensington decided to make his own boner the subject of the conversation instead!

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