William Higgins: David Skabeta and Robert Drtina: Bareback

Category : William Higgins

David Skabeta and Robert Drtina are a pair of really sexy hunks. They find themselves alone (except of course, for the William Higgins cameras) and Robert sets about seducing David, and the guys end up having a hot cock sucking and bareback fuck session!

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UK Naked Men: Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James

Category : UK Naked Men

Banged up, bored and horny, UK Naked Men hunks Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James only have the bars separating them … but with a long, thick, uncut dick like Daniel James’s – that’s not distance enough! The masculine and beautiful Darius sucks that massive member but we all know what he really wants is to be swinging off the bars pushing back on that dick as his hole stretches and ripples around it, feeling it entering his hot body, past the first sphincter and well into the second …

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ChaosMen: Aries and Bay and Glenn and Vander: Pure

Category : ChaosMen

This is Bay’s first full-sex film at ChaosMen and he was very eager to dive right in and start with a group scene, as he really loves group sex. Initially he was to be paired up with Vander, but after a little finagling, Aries and Glenn ended up fucking the heck out of Vander and Bay!

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ChaosMen: Jacek and Vander

Category : ChaosMen

Jacek is finally ready to take on a full-on sex scene at ChaosMen, but like most newbies, he only wants to top, and is not ready to suck some dick quite yet … but luckily Vander is fascinated by Jacek’s cock. It may not be quite Vander’s size, but it is close and you can imagine it is fun taking on a cock comparable to your own. Jacek gets down to fucking pretty quick, and though he has had anal sex with girls, he pretty much uses spit as lube and shoves it in fast and quick on poor old Vander. Vander should be used to the new guys doing that, but it still catches his off guard. It is kind of ironic that the straight guys usually won’t bottom because they think it will hurt, but then shove their dick in like they are dealing with a loose wet pussy. But Vander takes it like the stud he is, and in no time at all, is encouraging Jacek to fuck him harder …

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