CockyBoys: JJ Knight and Zak Bishop

Category : CockyBoys

JJ Knight wanted a real special guy for his Cocky Boys debut, and not surprisingly he chose the sexy versatile bottom Zak Bishop. With JJ himself being a versatile top … and the proud owner of one of the largest, hottest cocks the crew have seen in a while on a new guy … a girthy 9.5 inches to be exact … and the open-minded Zak was eager to take on the whole thing in as many ways as possible!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Will Fucks Austin

Category : Guys In Sweatpants

These two have performed together before at Guys In Sweatpants, but since it was some time ago, and they both really enjoyed themselves the first time, everyone figured it was time for round two! This time the guys did the scene in one LIVE and continuous take – the realest you can get. It’s been quite a while since Austin has bottomed, and who better to make that happen than Will himself??

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UK Naked Men: Shay Cruz and Theo Reid

Category : UK Naked Men

Shay (the spray) Cruz makes his debut at UK Naked Men this week and it’s a real corker! His partner in crime is Theo Reid, who is a confirmed top, but for a little extra cash didn’t mind taking Shay’s club cock up his hole. The cameras got in good and close to see the resistance Theo’s tight arse hole put up too! You can see the stiff tool, pushing hard, then harder, then bending, then finally sliding right in up to the hilt. Theo took it bravely – but even he was surprised by the amount of spunk that squirted out of it, splat after splat over his face and into his gaping mouth!

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William Higgins: Milan Neoral and Roman Madlec

Category : William Higgins

Milan Neoral and Roman Madlec, two normally very straight guys, are on the bed kissing at the start of a very hot scene from William Higgins. Milan peels a banana and begins to slide it in and out of his mouth in a very provocative manner. He leans over and kisses Roman again and then passes him the banana. Roman repeats the process with the banana, licking and sucking it. Then this sexy pair kisses again before they decide to try it for real … watch what happens as they get fully naked and try out all sorts of gay things together!

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