BelAmiOnline: Julio Bardem and Phillipe Gaudin

Category : BelAmiOnline

Sexy newbie Julio Bardem can be seen today enjoying an afternoon with BelAmiOnline stud Phillipe Gaudin. Phillipe is just hanging around the office looking for something to do, when he finds Julio Bardem and suddenly there’s plenty to do! Julio and Phillipe fit together perfectly as Julio inserts his large cock deep in Phillipe’s arse.

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Videoboys: Benjamin London and Max Dawson

Category : Videoboys

Benjamin London likes the whole game of trying to seduce straight guys. The flirting with them and pushing the straight boy out of his comfort zone and seeing how he reacts … it’s all part of the excitement and thrill of the chase. Max Dawson has been on Benjamin’s hit list for a few months now. Max is straight, has a girlfriend and has no intention of coming over to the gay side. But he’s got an open mind and Benjamin has been wearing him down ever since they met some time ago at the club where they both worked. In fact, at the staff Christmas party, with the alcohol flowing and the festive mood, Benjamin was able to make his first move on Max. And although he wasn’t able to take it as far as he wanted, he did break the ice. With that done Benjamin was able to convince Max to take it to the next level … which is what Videoboys were able to get on film here today!

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