CockyBoys: Levi Michaels and David Corey: Flip Fuck

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Levi Michaels and David Corey are the perfect yin and yang. David’s dark features and smooth, tan skin are the perfect complement to Levi’s blue eyes, blond hair, and slightly hairy chest. “He looks like a GQ model,” Levi said when the guys first met before this CockyBoys flip fuck scene. Something they shared, though, was a love for making out. As soon as their lips locked, they became completely enamoured with each other. Their deep kissing grew more and more intense as David moved down to suck Levi off. Levi then pushed David back on the bed and returned the favour, setting him up in the perfect position for a proper plowing. Then, once Levi had had his way with David, it was David’s turn to give Levi the fuck of his life. By the sounds both of them were making, and the huge loads they both shot at the end, this is one flip-fuck they’ll both be thinking about for a long time!

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BelAmiOnline: Tim Campbell and Scott Bennet: Bareback

Category : BelAmiOnline

It’s Scott´s turn today at BelAmiOnline to show Tim just what’s he is capable of. Scott is not going to miss the opportunity to take Tim from all possible positions and really give him have a good and some very hot bareback sex … for both their own, and our, mutual pleasure!

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CockyBoys: Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter: Flip Flop Fuck

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Hayden Lourd told CockyBoys in his first solo scene that he loves dark haired, dark skinned guys and they immediately thought of Levi Karter. Physically, they make the perfect couple. Hayden’s tall with blond hair and blue eyes, while Levi is a little shorter with brown hair and brown eyes. So after a romantic stroll through the city, the guys went back to the apartment where they gave each other blow jobs on the rooftop terrace and in the stairwell. Then they finally settled in to the bedroom for some privacy where they flip-fucked and shared some of the most passionate kissing you’ll ever see!

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CockyBoys: Seth Santoro and Gabriel Clark

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Seth Santoro has been a fan of Gabriel Clark since he first started watching his porn videos … straight out of high school! And Gabriel loves fucking long-time fans … there’s always a special glimmer in his eye when he’s about to give a guy the CockyBoys “in-person” experience he’d been jacking off to and fantasizing about for years!

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