Jake Cruise: CJ Madison and Joey Cooper

Category : Jake Cruise

CJ Madison and Joey Cooper make a hot dad and lad pair; the rugged, scruffy CJ and the smooth, young Joey. Bring them together and you’ve got yourself a scorching scene here at Jake Cruise today! CJ and Joey kiss passionately on the bed. Soon Joey’s tongue moves from CJ’s mouth to his nipples and then to his arm pits. CJ whips out his thick cock for young Joey to lather up with spit. In seconds Joey has his throbbing cock hitting the back of his throat. The passion between these two is through the roof. After a few minutes CJ scoops Joey up as if he were carrying him. They’re still lying on the bed and his cock is deep in Joey’s arse.

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Next Door Buddies: Brandon Lewis and Justin Chase: Bar Boys

Category : Nextdoor Buddies

Hunky Next Door Buddies model Brandon Lewis is helping fellow buddy Justin Chase take a break from his worries down at a local watering hole where a night of raucous drinking and partying is about to begin. But before the crowd shows up to laugh and carry on, these sexy guys are going to have a little fun of their own! We get to watch as Justin makes a move on the young, fresh-faced barman and find out that Justin is definitely game … as, without any hesitating, he plants his lips on Brandon’s, and then pulls out Brandon’s cock for some passionate sucking. He’s slurping down Brandon’s enormous dong and turning him around for a thorough arse licking too. But that’s not all Brandon was after. Watch Justin take a stiff fatty deep as Brandon slams his tight, warm hole!

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World Of Men: Chris A’Dam and Curt Cummings

Category : World Of Men

The World Of Men photographer met the guys in a cafe by one of the canals in Amsterdam. Chris is 100% Dutch, Curt is an Australian surfer on a long Europe holiday. Chris is tall, slim, with dark looks. Curt is the opposite, not too tall, broad and blond. When they get back home they are free to show the camera what they have got. Chris is packing a really nice uncut cock, a good 7.5/8, thick and beautifully straight … Curt sucks it with obvious pleasure. Chris returns the favour, but while sucking Curt’s cock his hands reach round between the Australian’s smooth round arse cheeks. Soon the hands are replaced by the fingers, then the tongue and after prepping him, Chris stands up and pushes his cock in from behind …

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Butch Dixon: Lucio Saints and Jake Bolton

Category : Butch Dixon

Jake Bolton said he wanted to take on the most dominant, hung top Butch Dixon could offer, so they immediately called Lucio “boy-breaker” Saints. Jake took the pounding like a pro, he might be new to porn, but it sure seems this is not his first experience with a massive dick.

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