Southern Strokes: Ryan and Ashton

Category : South'n Strokes

Ryan and Ashton happened to be hanging out at Southern Strokes one night when Ashton said that he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. No-one was all that surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him. So the cameraman went and grabbed his equipment as the water was running and the guys were gearing up for a little fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan … check out what happened next!

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CockyBoys: Kiss … Hug … Fuck … Love

Category : CockyBoys

Colby Keller shows yet again he’s one of the most dynamic performers working in gay today, and Duncan Black once again displays his proverbial reputation as a skilled and diligent lover. Meanwhile, newest CockyBoys model, the musically inclined Justin Matthews, effortlessly transfers his confidence in his music into confidence of a man with desire, plucking, strumming and pounding his partners like the strings of his guitar!

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CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi Drills Levi Michaels

Category : CockyBoys

Levi Michaels was a little nervous meeting Tommy Defendi for the first time … the guy he’s always known as the “Tom Cruise of porn.” He’d watched a lot of Tommy’s CockyBoys scenes prior to this shoot, and on top of being star-struck; Levi also said Tommy’s exactly his type! But deep-down Levi knew he was more than worthy to take Tommy’s cock … just like the champ he is and, just thinking about Tommy’s dark, thick hair and hard muscles, put a huge smile on his face!

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Southern Strokes: Amelio and Tyler

Category : South'n Strokes

When Southern Strokes called on Tyler to pop Amelio’s cherry, he gladly accepted the assignment! Everyone was surprised that Amelio had agreed to cum back and give up his arse … but just like many guys his age, this was Amelio’s chance to fulfil a fantasy … and make some cash! Tyler was hard as soon as he laid eyes on Amelio, so he was more than ready to let this country lad know what a cock feels like in your hole!

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