CockyBoys: Tobias and Arnaud Chagall

Category : CockyBoys

Tobias is new to CockyBoys, but make no mistake, he comes with tons of experience fucking guys. As he says in his interview, without really bragging, “I usually have someone in my bed before midnight every night.” You do the math. Arnaud, on the other hand, is shy and reserved which actually is a turn on for Tobias because he loves to “open them up”. It was a natural fit for Tobias’s first scene and he sure did not disappoint!

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Southern Strokes: Tucker and JR

Category : South'n Strokes

Little guy Tucker paid Southern Strokes a little visit recently and they decided to put his hot little arse to work … literally! First in line to fuck that hole was little guy lover, the hot, handsome and well-hung JR. JR kicked back and let Tucker worship his pale smooth body. Tucker made his way down to JR’s pants and reached in and pulled out JR’s big fat cock. Tucker smiled as he grabbed JR’s dick and guided it into his wet mouth. Tucker slurped on JR’s meat but he desperately wanted to feel JR inside his hole. So Tucker finished undressing JR and then he climbed up onto JR’s big fat tool and let his hole wrap around JR’s rock-hard prize piece of man-meat. Hot fuck!

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CockyBoys: Cameron and Frankie V: Making Love

Category : CockyBoys

Cameron and Frankie had been hanging out together for a couple of days, getting to know each other, and the tension had been building up. The day finally arrived for this shoot with CockyBoys and the guys start out by making out passionately on the couch. Then Cameron pulls out Frankie’s rock hard cock and goes to town on it. It’s not long before he demands Frankie returned the favour … which he’s more than willing to do! Inevitably tho, all of this leads to one thing … so with Frankie laying on his back, with his legs up in the air, Cameron spits on his hole and gets it ready for what happens next. The lines between passionate love making and hardcore fucking are once again blurred completely!

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UK Hot Jocks: Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom: Toys and A Flip Fuck

Category : UK Hot Jocks

It’s a sunny afternoon and a little bit of romance is in the air! UK Hot Jocks models Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom are outside at a local park … topless, enjoying the unusually nice English weather. The guys wander past a reservoir waterfall and the gentle watery noises inspire them into some slow sensual kissing … at least until Darius flops out Jonny’s meaty dick. Darius sucks and slurps … but before long it’s time to fine somewhere to fuck. The guys journey further into the outdoors, stumbling across tyres, tonnes of them. Darius takes position on his back, legs up. Jonny has perfect access to his willing and perfect hole. Spit, licked and loosened, Jonny takes out an unusual bumpy looking toy, which looks more like fun than anything else! Bump by bump he works it in and out getting him ready for his even bigger dick. Deep grunting, sweaty action he pounds deep into him. Only fair after such hole abuse, Darius gets his turn, bending Jonny over a stack of tyres and going to town on his arse … and thus turning this into a hot flip flop fuck!

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