Southern Strokes: Genesis and Cash

This whole pairing started about a week or so ago when Cash sent the Southern Strokes Producers a text saying that he ready to get fucked … they immediately told him to head up to the Ranch and that they would hook him up with someone special. The Producers next call was to Genesis, knowing that his big cock would look great going deep into Cash’s sweet little virgin hole … the guys traded sloppy blow job until Cash was dripping with pre-cum and his hole was ready to feel Genesis’ manhood. Cash crawled up on all fours so that Genesis could make a meal out of that tight hole. Then Genesis climbed up on the bed with him and slowly stuck his thick cock into Cash’s juicy arse …

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Southern Strokes: Cole and Logan: Snow Balling

Cole arrived at the Southern Strokes Ranch late one Friday night and within the hour he and Logan, who arrived earlier, were tongue fucking each other’s throats … the camera crew had to pry them apart long enuff to get the cameras rolling! … The two boys stood up and started kissing each other as they pressed hard against each other’s cocks. Then Logan dropped to his knees and took Cole’s huge member into his eager wet mouth. Logan worshiped Cole’s cock for a bit until Cole was ready to check out his upcoming conquest. Logan bent over the fire place and arched his back so that Cole could admire his muscle ass. Cole spread Logan’s cheeks and then slowly played with Logan’s moist hole inserting his tongue deep and fingers even deeper. Cole ate Logan’s ass until Logan was worked up to a frenzy and begging Cole to mount him. Cole slowly teased Logan’s hole again only this time with his swollen mushroom head. Cole slowly moved his cock in and out of Logan’s expanding hole. Things just got hotter … .and they even swapped positions for a flip fuck!

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Dominic Ford: Gavin Waters and Franco Ferrari: Flip Fuck In New York City

Gavin Waters co-directed this Dominic Ford scene and came up with the concept. Dominic told him that after 4 years, the studio and crew were finally leaving New York City. As this would be the final scene shot in the original set (and in the city), they really wanted to show off the city. Gavin came up with a great idea: he’d go jogging on the West Side Highway, and then do some light exercising on the buildings rooftop, overlooking all of Manhattan. Also on the roof, Franco (who was getting some sun), finds him and they start making out with the backdrop of the entire city behind them. This flip-fuck scene is hot, and is the perfect send-off as Dominic Ford moves away from New York City and leaves their original set.

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Jake Cruise: Jessy Ares and Justin Chase

Justin Chase is supposed to be in the living room filling out paperwork for Jake Cruise. Jessy Ares goes to check on him only to find Justin busy cranking away at his fat uncut cock. Fuck it, he thinks to himself, the paperwork can wait! Jessy hops on the couch aside Justin and swallows his big dick. Justin soon returns the favour and both guys now have raging hard-ons. Justin rips off Jessy’s clothes and gives Jessy’s feet a tongue bath before heading back up to his swollen member. All this sucking gets the guys in the mood to fuck! Justin spreads his legs and Jessy plunges his fuck stick deep inside Justin’s tight arse.

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