Menatplay: Klein Kerr and Johan Kane: Dapper

Category : Menatplay

Surprised by how masculine and horny being dressed in suit and tie make him feel, new Menatplay model Johan Kane suddenly feels a desperate urge to get his dick blown … and Klein Kerr is more than happy to help his dapper customer out. Johan stands dominantly, watching Klein get to work on his delicious, uncut meat – savouring the taste of Johan’s pre-cum on his tongue. Johan then pulls Klein up and on his knees, turns him around and goes straight for it … ripping the arse out of his pants and slamming his hard cock deep inside Klein’s hole. Johan pounds away hard and fast without even stopping to catch his breath, working himself up to an intense orgasm!

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Drill My Hole: Luke Adams and Jack Radley: Step Brothers: Part 2

Category : Drill My Hole

Luke Adams has a plan to pop Jack Radley’s cherry … he needs the practice before he meets his fantasy dream guy from the Drill My Hole site. So Luke sucks on Jack’s big dick, then laps at his sweet, sexy hole … before finally sliding his hard cock deep into his step brother’s tight warm arse!

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CockyBoys: Dato Foland and Levi Karter

Category : CockyBoys

Dato Foland is visiting New York again and this time he’s enjoying some quality time with none other than Levi Karter, a fan favourite at Cocky Boys. These two are both each other’s’ perfect types … so the chemistry is off the charts from the very first moment they see each other until Levi is completely soaked in Dato’s cum!

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World Of Men: Luis Gonzales and Martin Santos

Category : World Of Men

Luis Gonzales and Martin Santos hit it off when they met at a recent sci-fi/fantasy convention, so they went out for a coffee to see what else they had in common. Turns out that Luis is a hungry cocksucker with a penchant for big black cock and Martin, not having had much experience, was super eager and horny for a blowjob. They wasted little time when they got to Luis’ place, stripping down instantly. The white Latino pig then made a meal out of Martin’s juicy black cock and the World Of Men cameras were there to capture all the horny action that followed!

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