Bentley Race: William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

Category : Bentley Race

It’s super hot in Australia right now and Bentley Race is making the most of these long summer days. In fact, he recently caught up with his mates William Tudor and Ryan Anderson. They came over recently to hang out on the roof and do some skating about on their boards as Ben took some photos. The day took a horny turn when Ryan started grabbing at William’s cock. William loves the attention and soon had his shorts down around his ankles. It wasn’t long before both the guys were naked and sporting raging hard-on’s. They kept teasing each other and eventually they cooled off with a full on water fight. Seems William copped most of the water judging by how soaking wet he was. Eventually they all headed inside and out of the heat because Ryan really wanted to ride William’s fat uncut cock.

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Bentley Race: Marco and Alexander

Category : Bentley Race

Bentley Race filmed this video of his mates Marco Pirelli and Alexander Morales recently in Melbourne. The guys had not met before but were really keen to hook up after seeing each other’s previous shoots on the site. They all met up down at the river before heading back to Alexander’s hotel room to do some filming. The guys started with some fun wrestling before Marco pulled down Alexander’s wrestling singlet exposing his beautiful hairy bum. It wasn’t long before Marco was making Alexander choke on his long fat cock. Marco loves fucking and put Alexander in just about every position as he continues to ram his butt hole.

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Bentley Race: Fucking Kiwi Hottie JD Ryan

Category : Bentley Race

Bentley Race was in New Zealand recently and caught up with the good-looking kiwi JD Ryan. He was very keen to gat naked with Ben and make a dirty video together, and this is the result! JD Ryan is a personal trainer in New Zealand and told Ben that it was his first time getting naked on camera, and he really enjoyed doing it.

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Bentley Race: Bad Boys at the Beach

Category : Bentley Race

Here comes the summer! Ben from Bentley Race can’t wait to get back to the beach with the boys this summer. He loves shooting at the beach and here is a photo session of one of his favourite days at the beach with Mitch and Zoran. It was Mitch who first got out his fat cock and it wasn’t long before Zoran was onto it! This has to be one of Ben’s favourite beaches in Australia too. He reckons he can get away with just about anything there!

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