Gay Hoopla: Dmitry Dickov and Neal Peterson

Gay Hoopla models Neal Peterson and Dmitry Dickov have been checking each other out from afar, each wanting to hook-up with the other, but never knowing the other did too! But things conspired recently to change this state of play and the guys decided to film themselves having sex … watch as Neal Peterson takes every inch of Dmitry’s uncut monster up his tight arse … a hot fucking scene!

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Gay Hoopla: Jerry Cabrera and Sebastian Hook and Jason Keys: Threesome Fuck

Nosy hottie and Gay Hoopla model Jason Keys wanted to stop by and meet the new neighbours in town. Earlier in the week he saw two hot young guys unloading boxes and furniture in the house down the street as he was leaving to head to work. That weekend, he had some free time so walked on over to spy through the window, and witnessed the two hot guys fucking together. Jason was loving it and was so turned on by what he was watching that he joined them! Check it out!

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Gay Hoopla: Sean Costin Fucks Clay Anker

The Gay Hoopla film crew were not sure that Clay Anker was entirely prepared for someone like Sean Costin! “I think he’s going to be a lot to handle!” Clay said with a little smirk as they headed into the house. “Why do you say that?” someone asked … “I don’t know … I’ve seen a few of his films and he seems to be pretty dominant and he looks like he fucks pretty hard!” Everyone laughed and smiled only because they all knew he hit the nail on the head. “You’ll be fine, Sean knows what he’s doing and most models have told me it feels great to get fucked by Sean.” Clay was a little intimidated by the sheer size of Sean, but then again most people are. Once the two met they hit if off right away and certain provide us with a most entertaining fuck scene!

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