CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark and Marco Gagnon

Category : CockyBoys

When a guy like Gabriel Clark wants some arse … he must not denied that under any circumstances … and the normally shy and quite Marco Gagnon is an amazing bottom, and CockyBoys have paired these two masculine hotties up for this scorching fuck scene!

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English Lads: Dan J. and Dan B. and Darius

Category : English Lads

Straight PT Dan James comes back to English Lads for some double action today, not only does he get blown by Mr Naughty Dan Broughton but he has to share with Darius! Though there is quite a lot of tussling between Dan B and Darius, as neither wants to share Dan J’s beautifully large and very hard uncut one! The lads enjoy themselves today as it is simply two gay boys worshiping a straight lad with a muscular body and one hell of a massive uncut cock!

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CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Asher Hawk

Category : CockyBoys

Tayte Hanson and Asher Hawk have been flirting for a long time now. As every CockyBoys fan knows, Tayte likes to get rough and aggressive when he tops and Asher is famous for being a power bottom that must have his hole fucked deep and hard every time or it won’t count! Putting the two together was only a matter of time. Neither one of them needed an introduction and exactly 3.5 seconds after Tayte shoves his tongue down Asher’s throat his cock is already rock hard which of course requires deep throating immediately. They swap blowjobs and Tayte eats Asher’s hungry hairy hole but this wasn’t about that – this was all about packing Asher’s tight hole with as much Tayte cock as he could possibly take. And he takes ALL of it … and then begs for more!

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English Lads: Justin and Fraser Flip Flop

Category : English Lads

English Lads thought they would let Justin do something different today; have sex with a fellow gay lad since he nearly always gets to play with straight boys! Fraser and Justin are keen to get their hands on each other and are quickly sucking each other in a 69 on the bed. Lots of kissing and sucking later and Justin fucks Fraser with some great and more unusual positions before he takes up his usual position and sits down on Fraser’s cock. Fraser fucks him hard and the two lads get in a great position with Justin lying on top of Fraser who fucks him vigorously from below …

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