William Higgins: David Skabeta and Robert Drtina: Bareback

Category : William Higgins

David Skabeta and Robert Drtina are a pair of really sexy hunks. They find themselves alone (except of course, for the William Higgins cameras) and Robert sets about seducing David, and the guys end up having a hot cock sucking and bareback fuck session!

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Bentley Race: Jet Wellington and Skippy Baxter

Category : Bentley Race

With the long hot days in Melbourne now in full swing again, Bentley Race is now shooting loads of guys naked on their inner city rooftop. And mates Skippy Baxter and Jet Wellington are now used to getting their gear off anywhere. They recently joined Ben out on the roof for a little bout of boxing before undressing each other. The guys look great out in the hot sun. And it’s not long before Skippy is pulling out Jet’s giant cock. And as you can see Jet loves all the attention. The guys were getting very horny by now, so everyone headed back inside where they filmed Skippy taking Jet’s big cock up his arse. Since meeting at a shoot early this year Skippy and Jet have become good mates. They joked around a lot during the shoot and even helped each other get off at the end of the video scene. They look great together and have an amazing chemistry.

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CockyBoys: Kody Steward and Jason Maddox

Category : CockyBoys

As fresh newcomer to CockyBoys, Kody Stewart was a little shy when he first saw the older hunk Jason Maddox relaxing on a deck chair stroking his meaty cock underneath his trunks. Afraid of getting caught spying, Kody retreated to the shower … only to turn around and see Jason standing there behind him … butt naked and then quickly pulling him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Jason knew what Kody wanted all along, and Kody couldn’t wait to wrap his lips around Jason’s cock and devour it.

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Active Duty: Niko and Shea and Tito

Category : Active Duty

You won’t want to miss this Active Duty three-way … it’s so steamy it may just fog up your screen! The scene opens with three gorgeous guys in the shower … we see Shea and Niko are both lathering up Tito. Their rippling muscles glisten under the water as they worship each other’s bodies. Shea leans in for a kiss from Niko and the two make out as Tito gives a helping hand. Next they drop down to their knees on Tito’s command and start servicing his hard tool. They get into lots of great positions, taking turns sucking, and Niko even rims and probes Tito’s hole as Shea sucks him off. Shea even manages to fit both of their rods in his mouth at once. As the action builds, Niko volunteers to bottom first and Tito wastes no time in bending him over and going to town. Next at bat, Shea takes Tito as Niko slaps his rear for encouragement … one seriously hot threesome!

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