BelAmiOnline: Colin Hewitt and Jim Kerouac

Category : BelAmiOnline

Colin Hewitt is one of the most popular models at BelAmiOnline, but he’s been out of action for a while and hasn’t bottomed in quite a long time. While in Capetown, Colin got to choose the model he most wanted to do his “return to bottoming” scene with, and he picked none other than Jim Kerouac, their resident total top. Colin might want to rethink the decision as Jim isn’t known for going easy on people and Colin is no exception. Watch as Jim breaks Colin in all over again in this powerful, intense scene!

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Dominic Ford: Cooper Reed Fucks Bryce Evans

Category : Dominic Ford

In the 3rd instalment of the Dominic Ford steamy “Sweatbox” series, we find a new patron entering the bath house. Cooper Reed, handsome, ripped and hung … he starts jerking off on the doctor’s table, which is in the middle of the bath house. Soon, Bryce Evans comes by and lurks for a while. Before long he’s blowing Cooper’s huge uncut cock and then begs Cooper to fuck him!

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Lucas Kazan: Dario Beck and Bruno Boni: In His Dreams

Category : Lucas Kazan

What ignites Bruno’s dreams? Dario’s huge cock? His mouth? His furry arse …? Florentine stud Bruno Boni is back home at Lucas Kazan, after a 6 year hiatus: beefier, hairier, manlier than ever. Paired with impossibly handsome superstar Dario Beck, Bruno is sure to ignite your dreams too!

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BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans and Jean-Daniel Chagall: An American In Prague: 3-D Remake

Category : BelAmiOnline

An American In Prague – The 3-D Remake returns this week to BelAmiOnline with a scene featuring the seriously hunky Jean-Daniel Chagall and the ever-so-handsome Kris Evans. Watch as these two muscle hunks have a day at the pool and an afternoon of hot fucking sex!

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