Guys In Sweatpants: Colton and Andrew: The Winner Gets His Dick Sucked

Who reckons “The winner gets his dick sucked” is a motto we should all live by? Well, the Guys In Sweatpants crew sure do! It’s always a good day when a friendly game of Mario Kart ends with someone getting fucked. Colton has a nice fat cock, which Andrew had no problem sucking and getting ploughed by after he “lost” the game! Colton didn’t hold back with the fucking, choking, and man-handling … and topped it off with pulling out and blowing his load all over Andrew’s face.

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Maskurbate: Manuel DeBoxer and Two Special Guests

Manuel Deboxer was invited by his friend the Maskurbate cameraman to a surprise birthday party. While he took a quick shower, unexpected visitors broke in and when Manuel came face to face with the sexy robbers he first tries to defends himself, but eventually his sexual desires get the better of him and he ends up having sex with them! The two well-endowed, muscular black guys thrust every inch into Deboxer’s sexy body. Though he initially had second thoughts, he quickly enjoyed the ride. They took turns and fucked Manuel’s face and butt like he never got fucked before!

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Southern Strokes: Buck and Austin

This scene was filmed some time ago, and Austin had just done a solo for Southern Strokes, and he was popular with the members, so they thought it’d be nice to film his first guy on guy experience. They paired him up with Buck, who immediately wanted all the attention, which suited Austin fine, because he was obviously nervous as fuck. It took a while for these two to get things going, but Buck eventually broke the ice when he grabbed Austin’s hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can see Austin thinking about sucking Buck’s cock back, but it took a while for him to work up the courage. The lads teased other for what seemed like forever before Buck finally demanded that Austin shove his cock in his arse. Austin wasn’t gonna let Buck down, so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard!

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