Blake Mason: David Johnson Takes the Next Step with Jace Tyler!

Jace Tyler is more than ready to take on the immensely studly David Johnson in this intense fuck session! And judging by that sly look on Jace’s face, the Blake Mason crew are betting he’s quite satisfied with this pairing! Even so, they were a bit surprised when, after these two kissed and undressed, David was the first one with a cock in his mouth! But, less surprisingly, Jace quickly had David on his back with his fat cock in his mouth! Jace works David’s cock with his wet mouth eagerly before the two of them get into a sixty-nine. Bottom-boy Jace is only satisfied with oral for a few minutes, though, before he’s sitting back down right on David’s thick uncut dick.

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UK Naked Men: Sean Savoy and Riley Tess

In this video from UK Naked Men, Riley Tess plays a posh twat who’s got time on his hands, a lot of spare cash and a kinky underwear fetish. Riley’s cruising the hooker sites and comes across ‘in2pants’ – a scally escort who sounds just right for an afternoon’s fun and games. Sean Savoy is that scally escort, he’s good at taking instructions and happily shows off his ever-growing bulge and tight buns in a selection of Riley’s favourite sniffing material. If Riley thought Sean would just come round for some mutual masturbation, he’s mistaken, because Sean’s into hard fucking – and that’s what Riley gets!

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Bentley Race: Simon Tanner and Ryan Anderson

It’s the beginning of summer in Australia and the schools are about to break for the summer holidays. To celebrate “schoolies” week Bentley Race have made a special “after school” school boy fantasy scene with their favourite young mates Ryan Anderson and Simon Tanner. The guys are bunking off from school early to spend a naughty afternoon at Ben’s place … check them out!

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