Alpha Males: Ralph and Bjorn Svensson

Category : Alpha Males

It’s a tricky situation Jack, the Alpha Males cameraman, finds himself in, with a hot fucker ready to show Bjorn, the super hung Swede, some good times, but he’s turned shy! Donning a mask, he agrees to stay and allow Jack to keep filming, much to Jack’s delight! Ralph, the guy in the mask, is already rock hard, and at the sight of Bjorn’s totally huge dick, no-one can really say no! Diving right on to it, Ralph sucks it deep, as deep as he can go, but still only reaches halfway! The slim pale Bjorn enjoys feeling Ralph struggle on his giant dick, especially when he swaps his mouth for his hot tight arsehole! Licking his smooth hole to loosen it up well, and it will need it, Jack’s given the best close-up possible as Bjorn teases Ralph’s hole with his dick before slowly stretching it over his shaft. Taking it slow, Ralph finally gives in and takes Bjorn as best he can, right to the balls!

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