Bad Puppy: Casper Wats and Damien Rivkin

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Bad Puppy models Casper Wats and Damien Rivkin have spent the morning outdoors kicking around the football; practicing their scoring shots … when all of the sudden the water was turned on in the field and they had to quit quickly. As these two hot young studs run into the house they happily start kissing and soon they are taking their wet clothes off in the middle of the kitchen. As the clothes hit the floor Casper jumps up on the counter with his cock sticking up, hard as a rock. Damien gets down in front of Casper and swallows his engorged cock and begins orally working that piece of meat. Of course Casper is enjoying the attention, and at the same time he uses his foot to play with Damien’s cock which is also standing up at attention. Before long the two horny lads are ready to fuck, but first Damien rims Casper’s arsehole, getting it nice and slick, and all ready to be fucked!

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