Alpha Males: Logan Moore and Kayden Gray

Category : Alpha Males

When the handsome, masculine stud, and Alpha Males model, Logan Moore shows up at Kayden Gray’s workshop, Kayden is initially not too happy, thinking his work is being taken from him. But when Logan explains he’s here not to work, but to play, Kayden’s famous uncut bulge grows instantly and twitches obviously in his overalls. Kayden may have work piling up, but there’s always time for a hot fuck in the workshop, and Logan is just too damn hot to pass up!

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Alpha Males: Logan and Bjorn

Category : Alpha Males

Blond tattooed hunk Logan is back at Alpha Males for more, and interrupts hung stud Bjorn relaxing butt naked on the pure white sofa. Dinner is postponed as Logan decides to eat in and chow down on Bjorn’s impressive uncut dick, now world famous! Bjorn also takes a nice time enjoying Logan’s own ever growing dick, it’s a clash of the hung Swedes in this scene, and who will submit to the other and get fucked?

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Alpha Males: Ralph and Bjorn Svensson

Category : Alpha Males

It’s a tricky situation Jack, the Alpha Males cameraman, finds himself in, with a hot fucker ready to show Bjorn, the super hung Swede, some good times, but he’s turned shy! Donning a mask, he agrees to stay and allow Jack to keep filming, much to Jack’s delight! Ralph, the guy in the mask, is already rock hard, and at the sight of Bjorn’s totally huge dick, no-one can really say no! Diving right on to it, Ralph sucks it deep, as deep as he can go, but still only reaches halfway! The slim pale Bjorn enjoys feeling Ralph struggle on his giant dick, especially when he swaps his mouth for his hot tight arsehole! Licking his smooth hole to loosen it up well, and it will need it, Jack’s given the best close-up possible as Bjorn teases Ralph’s hole with his dick before slowly stretching it over his shaft. Taking it slow, Ralph finally gives in and takes Bjorn as best he can, right to the balls!

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Alpha Males: Brice Farmer and Anzar: Flip Fuck

Category : Alpha Males

New to the porn scene, Anzar is a Moroccan man, slim, hairy and with a funky hair style, facial hair and a lovely furry butt. He’s also finally found his calling … filming gay porn for Alpha Males! He heads out to pick up a hottie and comes across none other than French super stud Brice Farmer! Always up for it, Brice agrees instantly and takes him back to his place. Straight into the action, Brice is stripped naked, his smooth toned body looking great next to Anzar’s slim, hairy and Arabesque frame, not to mention Brice’s thick dick looking perfect in Anzar’s mouth as he’s face fucked without mercy. Pulling Anzar back onto his dick, and Anzar’s never had a fuck like this before, Brice really goes to work on his fuzzy butt … you can see both dicks twitch in the aggressive thrusting, then we’re treated to an amazing flip flop, and suddenly Brice is on his back with Anzar’s dick up his arse and loving it!

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