Cocksure Men: Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Stevens

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Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Stevens passionately kiss, touch and suck throughout their encounter here for the Cocksure Men cameras. They are so hot for each other you can feel the heat rise in the bedroom. Topher primes Jeremy’s arse with his tongue, digging deep into the sweet, pink hole. He teases Jeremy by prodding his arse cheeks with his rock hard cock. Topher doesn’t tease for long and plows Jeremy’s arse every which way. On his back Jeremy Stevens blows his load all over his chiselled abs and pecs. His body quakes from the intense orgasm. Seeing Jeremy cum gets Topher DiMaggio close. He pulls out and kneels next to Jeremy’s face. His juice sprays out and lots of it lands in Jeremy’s mouth.

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Cocksure Men: Mitch Vaughn and Mark Dylan

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Marc Dylan gives his partner a call to let him know he’s stuck at the Cocksure Men office and running late. Who would be in a rush to get home if staying late at work includes getting to flip-flop one of the hottest stars in porn! Mitch Vaughn doesn’t even wait until Marc is through with his call to start sucking on Marc’s dick. Getting his own pole waxed gives Marc the craving to give Mitch’s member a lick. Sloppy, deep blow-jobs are followed by the guys eating each others’ tasty holes. Mitch’s ass, primed and ready, is the first to get fucked. Marc’s chiselled abs tense with each hard thrust. The guys flip and Marc’s sits his smooth asshole down on Mitch’s thick dick. Marc’s cock bobs up and down as he rides Mitch’s thrusts. Marc gets on his knees and begs for Mitch’s warm cum in his mouth and Mitch obliges, shooting his huge load onto Marc’s face and mouth. Mitch then gets down and begs for the same. Marc shoots his juicy load all over Mitch’s scruffy beard, licks it up and kisses Mitch, snow-balling his sweet cum.

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Cocksure Men: Josh West and Adam Herst

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Josh West wins the coin toss which means Adam Herst has to bottom in this Cocksure Men video. However, one would hardly call Adam a loser. This is one bet he’s glad to lose. The chemistry between these two hunks is off the charts. Whether it’s cock-sucking or ass-stuffing they do it with steaming passion. After hot kissing and cock sucking, Adam’s tight hole gets primed by Josh’s tongue, then slowly stretched out by his MEGA-THICK cock. Adam takes it like a true power bottom enjoying all of the positions.

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Cocksure Men: Bronson Gates and Parker London

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Bronson Gates is giving Parker London a sensual massage at Cocksure Men and he wants to make sure Parker has a nice ‘happy ending’. Parker lays down on his back and Bronson immediately swallows Parker’s cock down to his balls. Then Bronson’s tongue finds it’s way down to Parker’s tight arse. He aggressively eats and rubs his entire face all over Parker’s hole. Worked up, Bronson rips off his underwear so Parker can have a go at sucking a hard cock. Parker doesn’t hesitate and takes every inch of Bronson down his throat. Ready to be fucked, Parker bends over and Bronson shoves his thick dick deep inside Parker’s tight butt. He fucks the cum right out of Parker who shoots his load all over his stomach. Bronson gets comfortable next to Parker and strokes himself until he cums too.

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