Cocksure Men: Conner Habib and Aleco Sahara

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Conner Habib and Aleco Sahara are very excited to be working with one another at Cocksure Men. Neither has ever had the chance to work with another Middle Eastern performer before now. Aleco is especially pumped because he’s always had a little bit of a crush on Conner. Now Aleco is going to get a little bit of Conner up his ass! The chemistry is undeniable as the two guys kiss, suck and fuck.

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Cocksure Men: Rick McCoy and Logan Scott

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Oh, if only we all had Cocksure Men model Logan Scott to come home to! Rick McCoy has had a gruelling day at work so his partner, Logan, offers him a massage. After some kissing, both guys take their shirts off and Logan starts to work on Rick’s tired feet. Before you know it, off come the pants and Rick decides the best relief for his stress is to go down on Logan’s hard-on. Rick sucks and services it like only he can, by opening wide, swallowing it whole, and teasing the cum load down the shaft. Logan’s balls get a mouthful of attention and Rick adds a rim job for good measure. After Logan blows Rick for a while, it’s time to fuck. Rick goes first (his moans are still bouncing off the walls!) before getting on his knees and taking Logan’s cock for a ride. This couple has timing down pat and when it’s time to shoot their loads they do it together.

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Cocksure Men: Drew Cutler and Jordano Santoro

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When you get a great power top and a fantastic power bottom in the same room, magic happens. Drew Cutler has one of the largest power tools in porn and he knows how to use it. Jordano Santoro has one of the finest asses in porn and he knows how to work it. Together they make the perfect porn couple. Sparks fly while they suck, rim, and fuck in all sorts of positions in this hot Cocksure Men photo shoot.

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Cocksure Men: Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Stevens

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Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Stevens passionately kiss, touch and suck throughout their encounter here for the Cocksure Men cameras. They are so hot for each other you can feel the heat rise in the bedroom. Topher primes Jeremy’s arse with his tongue, digging deep into the sweet, pink hole. He teases Jeremy by prodding his arse cheeks with his rock hard cock. Topher doesn’t tease for long and plows Jeremy’s arse every which way. On his back Jeremy Stevens blows his load all over his chiselled abs and pecs. His body quakes from the intense orgasm. Seeing Jeremy cum gets Topher DiMaggio close. He pulls out and kneels next to Jeremy’s face. His juice sprays out and lots of it lands in Jeremy’s mouth.

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