CockyBoys: Angel Cruz and Ricky Roman: Flip Fuck

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Angel Cruz and Ricky Roman really make one hot pairing here at CockyBoys … their chemistry is so strong, you’d think they’d been dating for years. The guys both have smooth dark skin and hair, just the right amount of tattoos, beautifully round arses. Plus they are both bilingual, and both are versatile too! They each gave and received a fair share of blowing and rimming, but really hit their stride when they 69-ed and then flip-fucked!

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CockyBoys: Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Clark

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Tegan Zayne is the latest CockyBoys exclusive model so the first order of business is to get him together with the one-and-only Gabriel Clark. They agree to meet up in Montreal and as it happens, it is Pride Week there. So after Gabriel shows Tegan around the local “gay-bourhood” they end up back at Tegan’s hotel room where Gabriel takes control. He slowly makes out with Tegan before dropping to his knees and taking his rock hard cock into his mouth for the first time. Tegan loves the attention but can’t wait to get at Gabriel’s uncut cock, so the two switch positions and Tegan swallows Gabriel – balls deep. Tegan is feeling a little playful, so he grabs a Fleshjack and slides it onto Gabriel’s cock … teasing him with what it’s going to be like to fuck his arse.

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CockyBoys: Matthew Parker and San Baptista: Flip Fuck

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Meet Matthew Parker and San Baptista, two real-life fuck buddies from Montreal. They have often shown real-life couples at CockyBoys, but real-life fuck buddies are a different thing entirely … there’s more urgency, more aggression, more hunger to figure out exactly what turns the other on. And with Matthew and San … two completely different types of guys … white vs Latino … cut vs uncut … beard vs clean-shaved … their flip-fuck was truly a sight to behold!

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CockyBoys: Marco Gagnon and Seth Santoro

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Seth flew up to Montreal to meet Marco, but he had no idea what he was in for when the seemingly quiet Marco let loose in this video from CockyBoys! At first the guys worked each other’s cocks, kissing, groping, and blowing. But then Marco pushed Seth’s thighs high up against his abs and just started pounding him. Seth has one of the most perfect arses, so of course Marco was in heaven!

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