CockyBoys: Ty Broderick and GoGo Harder

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You may remember GoGo Harder as the eccentric New York City Boylesque dancer who had never done porn before his hair-raising solo debut last March at CockyBoys. Now he’s back again, and finally doing his first hardcore scene, and who better to break him in than Ty Roderick?

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CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Jaxon Radoc

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Tayte Hanson is wasting no time at CockyBoys … he’s already done some hot scenes with Levi Karter, Joey LaFontaine, and Dillon Rossi, and that’s just this summer alone! His perfect physique and beaming smile have certainly won fans over, but his outgoing personality and positive attitude really separates him from the rest. Aussie hottie Jaxon Radoc was excited to be the next guy to work with Tayte. Right from their very first kiss, a big spark ignited between the guys that just kept on burning … as Tayte and Jaxon blew and rimmed each other before Jaxon finally straddled himself over Tayte’s hard cock and rode him like he was on a horse!

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CockyBoys: Frankie V and Jack Rayder Flip Fuck

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Frankie V is back at CockyBoys and this time he’s brought a hot young man to flip fuck with him! Jack Rayder has just turned 20, and both lads being totally versatile means they did everything they wanted to do to each other – both dicks got sucked and both arses got rimmed … and then fucked!

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CockyBoys: Levi Karter and Asher Hawk: Flip Fuck

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Once the guys got naked, they started making out in front of the fireplace — which made for one very romantic setting — and Levi went straight to work sucking Asher off and rimming him. Then Levi went full force into fucking Asher, who had this grin on his face like he’d been waiting for this moment for a long time! After the guys moved to the floor and Asher rode Levi like a cowboy, Asher then surprised Levi, flipped him over, and gave him a hard pounding to seal the deal. It’s been hot to watch Levi transition from a bottom to a top over time, but there’s no denying he loves a good fuck — especially from one of his own personal favourite CockyBoys!

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