CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Tony Milan

Jake Bass and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met up at the CockyBoys studio in Montreal. Brazilian-born Tony had never been to Canada, so Jake had a good time explaining the facts and the myths about his culture. Likewise, Jake had never been to Brazil so he asked Tony to teach him some Portuguese. The first thing he asked to learn how to say was …? “I do porn.” The language lessons were a good introduction into the real reason they were there. Tony was eager to put that amazing arse of his to use on Jake’s cock, and Jake was equally ready to give it to him. Two very different guys, but both extremely hot in their own unique way!

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CockyBoys: Jasper Robinson and Asher Hawk

Jasper Robinson and Asher Hawk met at one of the CockyBoys model’s nights out in the city and it was no secret to anyone that they spent the whole night flirting with each other out on the dance floor. The chemistry between them was getting stronger by the second and everyone present knew this would lead to an epic fuck. Fast forward a couple of days, Jasper and Asher are finally alone (except for the cameras of course) and they are eager to go at it. Asher admits that he loves big dicks and Jasper isn’t shy about admitting he has one. The making out quickly turned into sloppy blow jobs but what Asher really wanted was to take that big dick in both of his holes and he was going to do anything to get it … check it out below!

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CockyBoys: Raphael Louis and Olivier Robert

You wouldn’t know it to look at this sexy CockyBoys duo, Raphael Louis and Olivier Robert, but they’re a little on the shy side. They bond over this and the fact that filming erotica boosts their confidence … and turns them on too! This spark leads to sensuous kissing and Olivier’s lips traveling over Raphael’s smooth ripped torso. And in no time Olivier is naked and sucking Raphael’s cock as soon as he gets it out of his pants … and then … see what happens next in the images below!

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CockyBoys: Austin Avery and Zeke Wood

Recently CockyBoys launched “NEW DAY”, a series where their guys explore how every day can be a fresh start with an opportunity to live their lives the way they want. In episode one, they return to LA to introduce Zeke Wood in his pro porn debut with Austin Avery returning to introduce him! Zeke and Austin each had their fresh start in SoCal where they both acclimated to the free-spirited lifestyle. And though they still enjoy it, the state of the world has inspired Austin to seek deeper connections … as he does here with Zeke after a fun day at the beach. Once they’re back indoors Austin and Zeke are all over each other, making out and peeling off their clothes …

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