CockyBoys: Tony Milan and Arnaud Chagall

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Arnaud Chagall seems like the perfect match for new CockyBoys model Tony Milan. Like Tony, Arnaud is modest about his good looks but very forward when it comes to sex. They also have several similarities physically, including their toned bodies, their chest hair, and the attractive scruff on their chins. Tony and Arnaud are both sexually versatile, but Arnaud was drooling after he took one look at Tony’s cock and knew he had to have it inside him. And Tony really took care of him, producing one of his world-class cum shots all over Arnaud’s six pack!

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CockyBoys: Alex Kilborn and Asher Hawk

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This amazingly hot scene between Alex Kilborn and Asher Hawk was filmed and directed by fellow CockyBoys model Levi Karter. The guys fucked like rabbits and your dick will be hard from the get-go … check it out!

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CockyBoys: Ty Roderick and Max Ryder

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It takes a pretty special guy to make CockyBoys model Max Ryder shy, but Ty Roderick did exactly that. Max explained that Ty reminded him of those masculine, macho guys in high school gym class that he’d spy on in the locker rooms and have fantasies about later. But Ty, on the other hand, has a big heart underneath those muscles of steel and was eager to make Max feel as comfortable as possible. After the two talked for a bit at the lake, they headed home to get a little closer to each other. Max’s quick wit worked well with Ty’s straightforward intensity, and that lead to Max playing with Ty’s cock which somehow had already popped out of his jeans. After that, Ty hammered Max in just about every position there is …

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CockyBoys: Max Ryder and Max Carter: Flip Fuck

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Some guys have chemistry because they are polar opposites, but others just work because they’re the same. And that’s the case with CockyBoys stars Max Ryder and Max Carter … even their names are the same! With blond hair, blue eyes, equal height, and equal builds, Max and Max could be twins. So when they met, they instantly clicked and the small talk was unnecessary. They cut right to the chase with a whole lot of kissing, sucking each other off, and then flip-fucking. Both sexually versatile, Max and Max enjoyed playing their roles equally. And just when you think one is the more dominant of the two, they’ll switch it up and work off each other’s abilities.

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