Dominic Ford: Gavin Waters Fucks Jake Steel

Category : Dominic Ford

Blond hunk Gavin Waters is looking hotter than ever, having spent most of his days this summer shirtless at the beach. Jake Steel is also looking hot … plus, he was looking for some fun relief from the city. Dominic Ford got the two together on set in NYC and found out the two lads had been hoping to have sex with each other for a very long time. All Dominic had to do, was sit back and watch as these two guys did what they had been longing to do forever: fuck each other’s brains out. You’ll certainly enjoy watching it …

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Dominic Ford: Angel Rock Fucks Trenton Ducati

Category : Dominic Ford

Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati, tweeted the following message after filming this scene: “I just filmed the hottest scene of my career.” Considering the fact that Trenton has filmed many scenes before working with Dominic Ford, his tweet speaks volumes about just how incredibly hot this scene is. Trenton bottoms for Angel Rock in what you will have to agree is one of the hottest scenes ever filmed.

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Dominic Ford: Jake Genesis and Seth Knight

Category : Dominic Ford

Boyfriends Jake Genesis and Seth Knight show Dominic Ford what intense, steamy and passionate action is all about. There is nothing like watching two guys go at it as if they were in the privacy of their own homes. This must-watch scene is Jake’s LAST scene ever shot before he left the industry so … enjoy!

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Dominic Ford: Jimmy Johnson Fucks Ty Tucker

Category : Dominic Ford

Jimmy Johnson and Ty Tucker both make their premieres on Dominic Ford this week, and prove how awesome and how flexible they actually are! The scene is hot, steamy and athletic! You won’t believe the positions these two find themselves in. Yum!

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