Dylan Lucas: Lucas Knight and Andy Banks: My New Brother

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Lucas and Andy’s gay dads were about to get married. The guys had never spent too much time together, but considering they were about to become step-brothers, they decided to get to know each other better and go shopping for a wedding gift together. Turned out, they really got along great, and they shared a lot of interests – base jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving … they even had the same sense of humour. It really felt like they could have been brothers all their lives. Once they got home they were planning on hanging out in their sweats like a couple of bros would naturally do. But things got weird when Andy walked in on Lucas still changing … and luckily the Dylan Lucas camera crew were there to film what happened … check it out below!

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Dylan Lucas: Justin Owen and Seth Bond: Flip Flop Fuck

Category : Dylan Lucas

Dylan Lucas Exclusives Justin Owen and Seth Bond can’t get enough of each other! After meeting up at a local food joint they decide to hang out for a while together. In a very short time they start kissing … and kissing … and before too long they are taking turns fucking each other!

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