Raging Stallion: Christian Wilde and Adam Ramzi: Tight

Christian Wilde and Adam Ramzi are lying naked on a couch making out, their legs entangled. Adam is stroking Christian’s cock while Christian reaches for the tight little hole between Adam’s hairy legs. Both men have full beards and hairy torsos. Adam’s lips make a tight fit over Christian’s fat, hard meat. He grips Christian’s balls while he sucks, determined to swallow more cock with every gulp. Christian matches Adam for intensity and suction when he returns the blowjob, adding a finger up Adam’s butt that clearly gets his attention. Then, with the Raging Stallion cameras capturing every single inch, Adam lowers his tight hot hole onto Christian’s pole!

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Raging Stallion: Ty Roderick and Tyler Wolf: Heretic

Ty Roderick’s and Tyler Wolf’s lips meet and the Raging Stallion film crew realize their physical aggression is purely sexual. Ty is inked, beefy and a smolderingly feral adversary. Tyler’s jock strap suggests he is in the club ready to get fucked. His sweating buttocks capture the attention of Ty’s hard cock. Tyler’s energy drives the action. He kneels, grabbing a cock in each hand and guiding Roderick’s meat to his mouth while he jacks himself. Ty moans and strips off his clothes. He has tanned, meaty haunches a guy could lose his face in … and that’s exactly what Tyler does. Ty submits his hole to a long, deep and delicious tongue-fuck. Then it’s Tyler who has to hold on tight when Ty nails him from behind for a pile-driving fuck. Tyler dumps his load on his sweaty, muscular chest. Ty blasts his thick load all over Tyler’s face!

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Raging Stallion: The Woods: Pt 2: Marcus Ruhl and Paddy O’Brian

Straight hunk Paddy O’Brian takes up residence in one of the room-sized tents on the North side of “TheWoods.” In preparation of filming a video for Raging Stallion. The sleeves are torn out of his red plaid shirt, which is the only thing he’s wearing. Paddy reclines on a pillow, legs spread, playing with himself. His cylinder of man-flesh is as thick as his wrist, and it serves as a beacon. Fellow camper Marcus Ruhl invites himself in, reclines alongside Paddy and helps himself to a mouthful of cock. Paddy watches intently as Marcus feeds, flexing his hips to set a pace that makes his balls boil. Marcus gurgles and slurps contentedly. These studs are working each other so hard they build up a sweat. When Marcus stands to shuck his shorts, his muscled arms, quarter-sized nipples and heavy uncut cock loom into view. Paddy nods approval and Marcus lowers his meaty buttocks onto the waiting beer can that is Paddy’s cock …

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