William Higgins: Milan Neoral and Roman Madlec

Category : William Higgins

Milan Neoral and Roman Madlec, two normally very straight guys, are on the bed kissing at the start of a very hot scene from William Higgins. Milan peels a banana and begins to slide it in and out of his mouth in a very provocative manner. He leans over and kisses Roman again and then passes him the banana. Roman repeats the process with the banana, licking and sucking it. Then this sexy pair kisses again before they decide to try it for real … watch what happens as they get fully naked and try out all sorts of gay things together!

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William Higgins: Filip and David

Category : William Higgins

Filip and David get together today over at William Higgins for a hot fuck session. Things start off with the guys kissing and groping each other, then Filip drops to his knees and sucks his buddies already rock-hard cock. Then it’s David’s turn and while he’s sucking Filip’s cock, he’s also fingering the lad’s tight hairy arsehole too. Not long after this, it’s time for some fucking, and the guys put on a great show!

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William Higgins: Ondra Matej and Ivan Mraz

Category : William Higgins

In another stunning scene from William Higgins, we get to meet up with Ondra Matej and Ivan Mraz who have been out hiking. The weather is looking threatening and the guys are looking for some shelter. Ivan finds Ondra sitting on a bench in the garden and joins him … they make out with some kissiing. Soon the guys are shirtless and Ivan sucks on Ondra’s nipples as he rubs Ondra’s groin. Ondra loses his shorts, revealing a rock hard cock. Ivan drops his pants and he is hard too! He quickly gets to grips with both cocks, sucking Ondra’s and wanking himself. Ondra loves to suck too and is soon taking a turn on Ivan’s big one. Ivan then bends over, and with Ondra’s tongue deep in his hot hole, he jerks his cock while Ondra fingers his eager hole, hard and fast. Then Ondra then rams his cock deep into Ivan’s arsehole, fucking him deep.

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William Higgins: Paul and Jirka: Raw

Category : William Higgins

After some really spectacular skateboarding outside, Paul and Jirka move indoors and get down and dirty on the William Higgins sofa, sucking each other’s hard uncut cocks, rimming those tight holes, and finally bareback fucking!

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