Cocksure Men: Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

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Beau Flexxx is known for his huge cock and Landon Conrad is a true porn star. In this scene from Cocksure Men, Landon is obviously anxious to get at Beau’s mammoth pole. They make out passionately and slowly strip off heir clothes. Landon gets to his knees. Beau stands up, slipping out of his shorts, revealing a huge bulge ready to burst out of his underwear. Landon massages Beau’s big package as he strokes his own thick cock. Landon pulls Beau’s meat stick out and deep throats it. Then Beau bends Landon over the couch and digs his tongue deep into his bubble butt hole. After getting it wet and ready, Beau works his long and thick rod into Landon’s horny hole.

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