Cocksure Men: Mark Lopez and Zachary Perry

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The Cocksure Men camera crew were on hand to capture all the horny action as Zachary Perry rubs Mark Lopez’s cock through his camo shorts. In return, Zachary kisses Mark’s chest and sucks on his nipples while he rubs on Mark’s own growing bulge. Zachary get’s on his knees and unbuttons Mark’s shorts, pulling out his thick rock-hard cock. Zachary deep throats Mark’s hung cock. At the same time, Mark swallows Zachary’s cock all the way to the balls. After taking turns sucking each other, Zachary bends over on the couch and pulls his arse cheeks apart. Mark digs his tongue deep into Zachary’s tight hole. Mark slaps his throbbing cock against Zachary’s arse cheeks before slamming it in and pounding away … hot fuck!

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