College Dudes: Chad Carlisle and Scott Isaac

Category : College Dudes

Chad Carlisle has not been around at College Dudes in a while, but when he gave them a call and asked for another hot fuck, they immediately called on Scott Isaac to give it to Chad. Chad has an all natural body with a sweet smile and an ability to get fucked hard and deep. Scott is a fucking champ. When these two college guys are combined the sex is incredible! Scott makes Chad melt in his arms as they make out – afterward both Scott and Chad give every effort to get each other more excited. Scott and Chad give amazing blowjobs, slurping and sucking their way to the main event! Soon Scott kisses Chad before leaning him over for a great pounding. Scott slides in his big fat cock – soon Chad is swooning with pleasure. As if he is not getting enough traction, Scott soon thrusts Chad onto the ottoman for even more deep drilling. Chad is taken by surprise by the intensity of the fuck, but nonetheless he loves every second of Scott’s cock. Once on his back, Chad lets Scott fuck him until he shoots a hot creamy load of cum everywhere.

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