College Dudes: Devin Adams Fucks Cole Gartner

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After some hot making out, and the blowjobs are seriously voracious, especially from Cole, who seems hungry for Devin’s cock more than usual, these College Dudes fuck like pros. Devin takes Coles cock like a pro himself, but before long Devin is eager to get his face buried in Coles’ ass. Cole is a great top, but he also likes to get fucked by a nice cock. Devin obliges, first by sinking his cock into Coles hole as he pins Cole face down on the bed. The penetration soon becomes hard and fast, and Devin is fucking better than he ever has before! Cole takes a ride after that on Devin’s hard dick, pumping up and down with verve. Once Cole is on his back, though, and Devin is back in control again, the pounding resumes. Cole has a great ass, and it looks so good being plowed by Devin.

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