FreshSX: Kawan Silveira and Luke Desmond

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In Luke’s interview he says his biggest turn on is having sex in the toilets and he really likes being blindfolded with a tie or wanking off with a tie. So, in this scene from the FreshSX: Suited to Fucks series, Kawan passes Luke while he is chatting in one of the corridors of the club and gives him the eye. Luke follows and they make out in one of the cruising areas of the club, Kawan licking and sniffing Luke’s tie and rubbing it on his ripped body. Kawan unzips his pants, takes out his cock and Luke wraps his tie round and wanks him off before diving on down to suck him off. Luke sits down and Kawan gets out his cock and starts sucking him off. Luke has a meaty thick cock and Kawan gets to work on deep throating him. Kawan bends over so they can 69. They stand up, Luke takes off his jacket so Kawan can undress him. Kawan lays down on the couch and Luke sits down on top of his rock hard cock thrusting up and down to get every last inch inside him. Luke moves forward so they can fuck doggy style, Kawan using Luke’s tie as a blindfold and as reins, pulling himself deeper and deeper onto his cock while in total control. Kawan sits down and Luke rides him again before Luke lays down and Kawan fucks him till he shoots a huge load of white cum over his ripped stomach. Kawan pulls out and jacks off over Luke.

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