FreshSX: Kieron Knight and Ryder Hudson

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In this scene from the FreshSX: Sports Lads Fuck series, Ryder and Kieron are warming up in the park before they start on their morning run. Both are wearing tight black shorts and get nice and sweaty before heading back home. Making their way into the bedroom Ryder sits on the floor, Kieron standing up and takes off his trainers. Ryder takes his trainers and starts to lick and sniff them as Kieron rubs his sock covered foot up and down the bulge in Ryder’s shorts. Ryder takes hold of Kieron’s foot and starts to kiss and lick it before taking out Kieron’s cock to start sucking him off. Standing up they kiss, Ryder falls to the bed and Kieron takes out his cock and goes to work on it with his mouth. Kieron moves on top and they 69, working each other harder and harder. Ryder takes off his shorts and sits on top of Kieron, pushing up and down on his rock hard cock. Kieron flips him over and starts to fuck Ryder doggy style. Ryder moves onto his back, Kieron pounds him deeper and harder until he can hold off no longer and Ryder shoots a huge creamy load onto his chest before Kieron pulls out and shoots onto Ryder’s chest too.

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