FreshSX: Mark Summers and Justin Harris

Category : FreshXS

In this scene from the FreshSX: Suited to Fucks series, Mark is working at the bar serving customers. He leaves the bar for a moment to go to the toilet. Justin explains that his biggest turn on with the suits fetish is the tie as that is the symbol of a real man. In the toilet Mark looks at Justin and moves over and starts licking, smelling and kissing Justin’s tie and shirt. He caresses Justin’s jacket before removing it. Justin pulls down Marks pants and starts sucking his hard dick against the urinals as some of the other guys in the club begin to watch. Justin sucks mark even deeper as Mark rubs Justin’s tie over his ripped body. Justin stands up and Mark sucks him off. Mark undoes Justin’s shirt, touching his ripped six-pack before turning him round and rimming his ass with his tongue. Justin bends over more and Mark slips his cock inside and starts to fuck him harder. Grabbing onto his shirt, Mark pulls Justin even deeper onto him before they make their way into one of the cubicles. With Mark sitting on the toilet, Justin sits down on his cock to feel the full force of Mark’s dick. Standing up they fuck even harder while more guys come in and watch. Mark pulls out, sits Justin down and cums over his black silk tie and leaves to go back to work. Justin stays in the cubicle and while being watched by another guy cums again over his tie before kicking the door shut.

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