FreshSX: Randy Jones and Ryder Hudson

Category : FreshXS

Ryder is 22 from Manchester and likes older guys because they are more experienced and Randy is 40 from Hungary and likes younger guys because they are fresh. In this video from FreshSX: Dads Fuck Lads series, it was obvious from their interview that the two couldn’t wait to get on with having seriously hard sex! Randy fondles Ryder putting his hand all over his slim, young body. Within minutes Ryder is sucking Randy’s thick, hard cock while Randy enjoys every second. The favour is quickly returned as Randy works Ryder’s cock hard in his mouth. Ryder lays on top of Randy so they can 69, both enjoying each other’s cocks at the same time. Ryder now gets the ride of his life, as Randy fucks him doggy style using his muscular arms to pull him deep and hard onto his thick dick. Ryder pulls his cheeks apart to maximise the enjoyment that is very obvious to see. Ryder lies on the couch, lifting his leg to allow Randy full penetrative access whilst playing with his own hard cock, dripping with pre-cum. Ryder them moves to the table, and as he holds on for all its worth, Randy continues pounding him deeper and harder as they move towards the final climax. Ryder releases himself in an explosion of creamy jizz and Randy quick to follow.

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