MenofMontreal: Gabriel Clark and Benjamin D’Amour: Initiating Benjamin

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Gabriel Clark loves breaking new guys in. Especially when these guys are hungry bottoms, such as this newbie from MenofMontreal, Benjamin D’Amour. This guy has a slim fit body, not the muscle type you maybe used to, but is quite the athlete as he is a martial arts instructor. So needless to say, while doing the photo shoot for this scene he surprised our power top by putting him in a few neutralizing holds that Gabriel was powerless to wrestle his way out of … Benjamin is a bi guy who loves getting fucked. But, this was his first foray into doing porn. He skipped the preliminaries of performing a solo video, and immediately took the plunge with a hardcore sex scene. He was quite nervous at the outset and the usually always-hard 8 incher struggled to stay stiff during the photo shoot. Gabriel reassured him by telling him of his first porn experience when it took him 2 hours before he could spring a boner. Benjamin eventually got comfortable and even he was surprised, at the end of the shoot, when his dick wouldn’t go soft after exploding. Gabriel laughed and explained that this was the result of the relief he felt now that the scene was over. The guys hit it off quite well when they met, both are 25 years old, have 8 inches of uncut cock, are true bi guys and love sex as you will see below!

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