BelAmiOnline: Jens Christensen and Niko Vangelis: Part 1

It’s been a while since BelAmiOnline have had a scene that was more quintessentially ‘Jock on Jock’ than this week’s offering of Niko Vangelis vs Jens Christensen. So much so, they could not decide who should be top and who bottom, and so ended up agreeing to make it a flip flop so that both guys could show off what they can offer in each of the roles. Here in Part 1 Niko is on top, and in Part 2 tomorrow. he takes his turn in the passive role.

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Gay Hoopla: Jayden Marcos and Robbie Valentine BURN IT DOWN

These two young men were so hot for each other that the Gay Hoopla crew could barely stop them from starting without the cameras being ready to roll. Jayden Marcos was all smiles and couldn’t keep his hands off Robbie Valentine. For his part, Robbie was JUST excited to get into action with Jayden, but when it came time to get his arse fucked, Robbie let out a bit of a gulp and then hung on for the fucking of his life. Don’t worry, Jayden opened him up and Robbie blew a big spontaneous load while he was still getting fucked … then got Jayden’s load blown all over his back and butt. Just about as perfect as can be.

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Falcon Studios: Johnny Ford and Isaac Parker: My Hot Roommate: Pranking Isaac

Falcon Studios model Johnny Ford loves pranking his roommate Isaac Parker. Johnny’s relentless, but it appears that he’s calmed down for a moment. So, Isaac lets down his guard so he can relax and do some reading. While chilling out, Johnny can’t resist the opportunity to interrupt Isaac by whipping out his sizeable uncut cock in Isaac’s face. Unable to resist the mouth-watering temptation, Isaac works Johnny’s pole with his mouth while he teases Johnny’s nipples. It doesn’t take long for Isaac to slip off his shorts and offer up his smooth hole for Johnny to use. First his tongue, then a finger, followed by Johnny’s thick cock sliding deep into Isaac’s arse. Isaac takes it doggy-style before hopping on top and riding Johnny’s meat until he gets a load fucked out of him. Johnny blows a load all over his abs and shoves his spent cock back into Isaac’s eager hole.

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