Bentley Race: Brock Matthews and Gio Velasco

Just before Bentley Race broke up for his winter holiday in Australia he got together two of his site’s most popular mates, French hottie Brock Matthews, and sexy Colombian Gio Velasco. He knew these guys would have fun together so arranged to meet them over in the hotel spa suite for some fun in the hot tub. The guys were all over each other from the moment they met. They quickly lost their speedos in soapy water as they were making out during the photoshoot. Brock loves to get fucked and gets to feel Gio riding him with his fat cock from several different positions.

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ChaosMen: Michael Mission and Wright: Raw

Despite Michael being a married guy, he loves any chance he can get to suck dick and get fucked. He is Bi of course, and in this ChaosMen video you can really tell he genuinely loved Wright’s body and sucking his cock. But, in the end, it’s all about the fucking, and he totally got off on that too!

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Gay Hoopla: Bryce Beckett and Travis Youth

Hairy alpha fucked Bryce Beckett tops smooth jock Travis Youth over at Gay Hoopla this week. Cute couple!

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Bentley Race: Diego Sanchez Fucks Ryan Anderson

Bentley Race and his team were out in the Aussie bush when they found a secluded spot and Ryan and Diego (who had been fooling around in the back of the car) decided to give a bit of a show. So they jumped out and set it up as a hitch hiking scene. Ryan Anderson was the lonely hitch hiker about to be picked up by the hot top Diego Sanchez. He was about to drill Ryan from every position possible!

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