ChaosMen: Curtis and Jamison

Jamison seemed fascinated with Curtis’s cock during this ChaosMen shoot. He spends a lot of time sucking him off, and clearly Curtis was enjoying it. Jamison then put Curtis on his belly and entered him from behind … bareback … there are some great views of Curtis’s face during the fucking … he was obviously enjoying everything that what was happening to him today!

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Active Duty: Boyd Tops Bric

Active Duty brings back their sexy new recruit Boyd to take the next step with the equally sexy and gorgeous Bric. In Boyd’s second scene a few weeks ago, he was convinced to suck Taylor. This time, he goes all the way and tops Bric like a champ. This scene has some great kissing, stroking, sucking and ass pounding. Based on the looks on Bric’s face, Boyd is good at what he’s doing.

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ChaosMen: Aries and Bay and Glenn and Vander: Pure

This is Bay’s first full-sex film at ChaosMen and he was very eager to dive right in and start with a group scene, as he really loves group sex. Initially he was to be paired up with Vander, but after a little finagling, Aries and Glenn ended up fucking the heck out of Vander and Bay!

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Active Duty: Austin and Carson and Dustin

The sexy new recruit Carson is back and ready to take things to the next level. This animated, fun-loving, ripped stud is one hell of a package and everyone knew it wouldn’t be long before he was crossin’ the line. He’s a daredevil and always up for a good time. Being the life of the party comes natural for Carson and he’s always up for a challenge, so Dink Flamingo decided to give him one by introducing him to some of his friends at Active Duty. Things kick off with Carson in the shower, where is joined by sexy little Dustin and Austin, who is super horny after being away for awhile. The steamy threesome moves from oral, rimming and kissing in the shower, to the bed. There Austin takes Dustin’s cherry, and Dustin takes Carson’s in this ‘can’t miss’ scene!

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