BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell and Jim Kerouac

The team behind BelAmiOnline know many of their members crave videos featuring handsome young men with tight and sexy bodies having steaming hot sex together. So today they are throwing it all on the table, the hot muscled body and big dick of Mick Lovell with the lean, ripped, hung Jim Kerouac. Get ready for an explosive fuck session with two of their most popular models!

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Gay Hoopla: Alex Griffen and Kyle Dean

Alex Griffen had seen Kyle Dean on the Gay Hoopla website and was eager to meet him in person. Little did he know that he was soon to become a model there himself, and even better, he’s now doing a scene with Kyle. Alex is eager to see what Kyle’s big, fat dick felt like going in and out his own tight arsehole!

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ChaosMen: Atticus and Ricky Decker: Pure

Atticus had done a couple other videos elsewhere in the past in which his hole got pounded pretty hard … and it’s kind of scared him off from bottoming. He really wanted to start off his scenes here with ChaosMen by topping first and moving into bottoming at his own pace. Ricky Decker is more experienced and was willing to be the bottom, so the camera crew decided to pair them up in a “Pure” video and see what happened! Both Ricky and Atticus are big and meaty guys and look fantastic together. If you like hairy men, then this video is filled with plenty of eye-candy, plus some amazing raw sex too!

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English Lads: Josh Perry and Chris Little

When you bring a very horny straight young man and mix him with a gay lad gagging to have sex with a straight guy you are guaranteed some hot action! Luckily naughty straight Chris is such a bundle of hormones he unleashes himself on Josh who hardly has time to breathe before he is the one being felt up and kissed! He managed to partially take back control by dropping to his knees and showing Chris he is a first class cock sucker! Before long though Chris pushes him back on the bed and they are in a 69, Josh not being able to resist rimming Chris, who turns out to have a very ticklish hole! Josh is soon on his back getting fucked like a good ‘un, Chris certainly knows how to make a gay guy whimper … check it out by joining the English Lads site … you won’t be disappointed!

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