CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi and Anthony Romero

Featuring the vocal talents of CockyBoys models and staff, in this sexual fantasy video you’re taken through a poetic dreamscape of New York with Tommy Defendi and Anthony Romero. Though in this fantasy’s reality they’ve never met each other, they’re perfect for each other in their fantasies, and this film celebrates that hope, wonder, and mystery of one human’s indescribable connection to another. The sex that occurs between Tommy and Anthony empowers their mutual optimism upon meeting each other, and there’s no doubt it’s a hundred times hotter because of it.

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World Of Men: Anthony Clarke and Lincoln Gates

Anthony calls up the World Of Men producers with the offer of filming him getting fucked by his hot mate Lincoln. It’s an offer they simply can’t refuse and calls the boys over straight away. After a quick introduction they start playing on the bed. Looks like Lincoln is packing a massive cock in his jeans and Anthony is eager to show how much of it he can fit in his throat. Lincoln enjoys being serviced against the wall and returns the favour and sucks Anthony’s pretty set of dick and balls before pushing him up on his back and rimming his pink hole. Fingers go in to prepare it for Lincoln’s thick 9 inch cock and Jack hands out the condom and dispenses the lube. Anthony is a great bottom and takes it balls deep on his back before being turned on his side and fucked deep a bit more. Lincoln likes seeing a guy sitting on his cock but Anthony can’t hold it any longer and ends up shooting his load on his leg while getting fucked. Anthony loves a cum facial and Lincoln gives him a massive one, shooting on and all around him.

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Bulldog Pit: Ricky Jackson and Anthony Flamand

Watching these two smooth lads getting hot and horny with each other for the Bulldog Pit cameras will get you standing to attention before you know it. Tanned Anthony enjoys Ricky’s blowjob so much he shoots his load at both the start and the end! Great versatile action, both these guys enjoy feeling each other deep inside, thrusting as hard as they can, feeling every inch go further and further.

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