Hot Dads Hot Lads: Anthony London and Asher Hawk

Hairy muscle-dad Anthony London kisses the adorable Asher Hawk tenderly. They take each other’s shirts off and can’t keep their eyes off one another. Asher kisses Anthony’s hairy body as he pulls his jeans off. Anthony pulls Asher’s cock out from his gym shorts. They make out and wank each other as Asher makes his way down Anthony’s body. The lad deep throats the thick pecker, swallowing the veined pole all the way down to the base. Anthony sucks Asher’s throbbing cock and coddles his tight balls. The Hot Dads Hot Lads cameras get a hot birds-eye view of the blowing action as the men make their way to the bed. The dad and lad kiss sensuously, rubbing their hairy bodies and stiff hard-on’s against each other. They 69 until Anthony sits up turns Asher over so he can rim his sweet young hole. The scruffy daddy then slides his thick dick into the lad’s eager arse! Hot inter-generational fuck!

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Anthony London and Lucas Knight

Muscle dad Anthony London and jock lad Lucas Knight keep in shape by working out at the Hot Dads Hot Lads gym. They notice each other in the locker room and the sexual tension is electric. Lucas begins undressing and Anthony immediately follows. Anthony stares directly at Lucas and strokes his magnificent erection. They finish putting their things away, and Anthony can’t help himself any more and reaches for Lucas’s adorable young bubble butt. They lock lips as Anthony strokes Lucas’s humongous cock. Lucas begins deep throating Anthony’s throbbing hard on. Anthony eats Lucas’s smooth plump arse before shoving his cock inside. He pounds Lucas over the locker room bench and then stands him up to suck his huge pecker. They sixty-nine and swallow each others cocks hungrily. Anthony lies on his back and Lucas Knight plows his cock into him before releasing a load in his mouth. Then Anthony unleashes his huge load all over Lucas’s face. They make out, cum dripping from Lucas’s mouth. A great workout!

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