CockyBoys: Tony Milan and Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall seems like the perfect match for new CockyBoys model Tony Milan. Like Tony, Arnaud is modest about his good looks but very forward when it comes to sex. They also have several similarities physically, including their toned bodies, their chest hair, and the attractive scruff on their chins. Tony and Arnaud are both sexually versatile, but Arnaud was drooling after he took one look at Tony’s cock and knew he had to have it inside him. And Tony really took care of him, producing one of his world-class cum shots all over Arnaud’s six pack!

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CockyBoys: Arnaud Chagall Gets Plowed By David Corey

Arnaud Chagall is back filming with CockyBoys, with a fellow French-Canadian new to the gay porn scene, by the name of David Corey. David knew he wanted his first scene to be with Arnaud just by looking at a picture of him, so he was definitely worked up before they finally met up in person. They’re both about the same height, have long uncut cocks, and have big muscles for an equal amount of manhandling. David especially loves rimming and Arnaud, in turn, loved spreading his legs for him before the main event. Check it out below!

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CockyBoys: Tobias and Arnaud Chagall

Tobias is new to CockyBoys, but make no mistake, he comes with tons of experience fucking guys. As he says in his interview, without really bragging, “I usually have someone in my bed before midnight every night.” You do the math. Arnaud, on the other hand, is shy and reserved which actually is a turn on for Tobias because he loves to “open them up”. It was a natural fit for Tobias’s first scene and he sure did not disappoint!

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Videoboys: Arnaud Chagall and Shawn Beliveau

Recently Arnaud Chagall attended an event in Montreal with 15 other guys that were all complete strangers to him. All of the guys were cute, but Arnaud was particularly interested in that one lad with the nice tan and the firm muscles who was seated behind him at the event. Arnaud didn’t know who the guy was, but Videoboys did. It was Shawn Beliveau, who has appeared on their site a few times. So to make Arnaud happy, they contacted Shawn to see if he’d be interested in a scene with Arnaud, and it turns out that Shawn also noticed Arnaud seated in front of him, and in particular, noticed his firm little arse. Tops notice these things. And Arnaud was more than ready to give it up …

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