Next Door Twink: Ashton Webber and Andy Taylor: Cumming Of Age

Andy Taylor and Ashton Webber are two lads who love to laugh and have a good time. But even more, they love getting naked and fooling around, especially if they are being filmed by the Next Door Twink cameras! Ashton takes advantage of Andy’s sensuous nature by starting out teasingly, playing with his cock, still beneath the underwear. It plumps up nicely as he plays with it, just before pulling down the elastic waistband to let Andy’s fat dong get some air. Ashton loves the taste of fresh, hard dick. Andy can’t believe how good Ashton is at sucking deeply. Soon they’ve switched and Andy is enjoying Ashton’s swollen cock. Andy takes his time with it, slapping, drooling, and slurping as Ashton experiences the intense pleasure ride. He also does some nice tongue flicking around Ashton’s tight, sweet arsehole. Then it’s time to fuck. Andy slides his pulsating meat into Ashton and pounds him good and hard!

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Southern Strokes: Miles and Ashton

There isn’t anything Ashton likes better than a big ‘ole Cock on a hot college stud … so he was literally chomping at the bit to get Miles’s monster in his mouth when they met up at Southern Strokes for this video. Ashton laid his head over the bed so that Miles could throat fuck him to give Ashton a little taste of what his arsehole was about to experience. Ashton finally begged Miles to fuck him, so he jumped up on all fours and spread open his hairy little hole for Miles’s pleasure pole. Miles’s cock kept swelling the longer he fucked Ashton’s hole. The camera crew thought Ashton was going to pass out before he got Miles’s creamy load in his mouth!

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Southern Strokes: Ryan and Ashton

Ryan and Ashton happened to be hanging out at Southern Strokes one night when Ashton said that he really wanted to go and get in a nice bubble bath. No-one was all that surprised when Ryan decided to get in and join him. So the cameraman went and grabbed his equipment as the water was running and the guys were gearing up for a little fun. Ashton dropped his drawers to get in only to reveal his huge hard on in anticipation of his romp with Ryan … check out what happened next!

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Southern Strokes: Ashton and Rusty

Rusty and Ashton shared a little early Christmas spirit with Southern Strokes recently, as they filmed some holiday joy which happened to be packaged up in Rusty’s first time going balls deep in another lads arsehole! Breaking in a young straight boy was about the best gift anyone could’ve given Ashton, so the two naturally smooth southern lads were soon sitting in front on the Christmas tree trying to decide on which positions they wanted to fuck in! Watch as Rusty gets his first taste of cock, as he swallows Ashton’s meat as they warm up for the main event. Ashton offered up his hole on the edge of the chair so Rusty mounted him and stuffed his hard cock in Ashton’s tight arse. They fucked for a good while before these two hot young studs dumped their eggnog all over Ashton’s washboard abs and thighs!

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